30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 4

December 9, 2009: Since I had some difficulty focusing in martial arts when I did my meditation before class, I decided to wait until after class this time.  Wednesday night is sparring class so, needless to say, it is always physically and mentally depleting and after last night’s class, I had some bumps and bruises.  I came home, iced myself, showered, and then sat to meditate.  I decided beforehand to use the same so ham/ham sa chakra meditation technique I had been using (guided by Paul Grilley’s chakra meditation DVD) but to do 2 rounds of each and to add a technique called nada mudra, in which you use your thumbs to lightly fold a flap of cartilage over your ears and then try to listen for an inner sound, sometimes described as a ringing.  Either because of the sparring or the warm shower, or both, it was very easy to still my body and my mind followed suit.  I noticed right away that, as in previous meditations, I could feel energy at each chakra, but it was a much more subtle and subdued pulse.  Afterwards, I wondered if this was because so much energy had been expended during sparring?  I found that my breathing was a little less restricted or forced on the second round of ham sa/so ham and on the second round of so ham as I brought the energy down towards the base of the spine, I could really feel it descending.  Afterwards, I attempted nada mudra, sealing off my ears and trying to listen for the “inner sound”.  As Grilley explains it, the idea behind this technique is that when we are trying to listen to a faint sound (like someone speaking in a whisper), we unconsciously cease to breathe.  And one goal of meditation is to calm and quiet the body and mind to such a degree that we can actually breathe less, drawing instead from energies within our bodies. I had absolutely no luck in hearing a nada sound.  But, the harder I tried to listen, I instead had a completely different sensory experience.  Instead of hearing sounds, I began to see colors.  At first, I saw yellow – first shapeless and then pulsing, moving geometric yellow shapes.  After a while the yellow shapes began to have some blue.  And eventually blue became the dominant color.  The blue color persisted until I ended the meditation, which lasted a total of about 30-35 minutes.   Since chakras are usually illustrated with particular colors I decided to investigate the chakras associated with the colors I saw during meditation to see if there was any possible meaning to the appearance of those colors.  I learned that yellow is associated with the third chakra, located at the solar plexus, which is said to govern our will and determination.  Blue is associated with the throat chakra and is said to govern our ability to communicate, including when to speak and when to keep silent.  I have no idea whether these colors emerging as I tried to hear nada sounds means anything at all.  If the colors do have meaning, do they indicate a strong energy at these particular chakras?  I am certainly very focused on communication in my personal and professional life and I have often been described as stubborn and willful!  Following the meditation, I again noticed a slight feeling of nausea but it was less pronounced than the previous meditations and passed quickly.