30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 9

Monday December 14, 2009: Since it’s Week 2 of the challenge, I decided to change a few things to see what effects the changes might produce.  First, I am going to meditate during the day.  Secondly, while I will continue to use chakra meditation techniques, I am using different techniques.  My Monday meditation was about mid-day which is a nice time of day in my home yoga studio since light streams through the window making the room feel bright and airy.  And it’s in strong contrast to last week’s meditations, which were all done in the dark.  I practiced a bija mantra meditation where you use different mantra sounds for each chakra.  The particular mantra you chant for each chakra actually creates a physical sensation at that chakra.  So, for example, you chant “ham” when you focus on the throat chakra and when you make the “ham”sound, it causes you to slightly contract your throat muscles, facilitating a connection to the physical space where that chakra is located.  I decided I would go through 2 cycles of the bija mantra, raising the energy up the spine, bringing it back down, and then repeating.  On the first round, I repeated the sound mentally rather than chanting out loud.  One thing I noticed right away was that the energy in my body seemed eager to rise.  In the evenings, I had sometimes encountered a resistance to moving the energy up my spine while drawing the energy down was relatively simple.  But now my energy seemed ready to fly up.  I encountered no resistance as I moved past the throat chakra (a point of blockage in last week’s meditations) and when I got to the point between my brows and the crown of my head, I could feel a very strong pulsation in my entire head and face.  As I held the energy there for a sort time, I began to feel a very strong pulsation behind my eyelids.  It almost felt like a tic, an uncontrollable blinking.  But, my eyes were closed and I was not actually blinking them.  The sensation was very intense (similar to what I had felt at my heart chakra in Sunday’s meditation) so I sat with it for a few minutes and then began to descend the energy.  As the energy moved down my spine, I felt an intense pulsation in my mid-back.  The second round I chanted out loud so I could really notice how each sound activated the area around each corresponding chakra.  Again, my energy was quick to rise and this time when I reached my uppermost chakras, the sensations were even more intense.  The feeling was concentrated in the space from my shoulder blades to the crown of my head.  In between the crown and the shoulder blades, energy seemed to start at my midline and radiate out in opposite directions, almost like wings.  Then, after 5 minutes or so, the energy shifted and instead of radiating out from the midline of my body, it started to pulse in towards my nose.  The physical space in which I was experiencing the sensation also shrank to just my face.  So, I felt waves on energy pulsing in towards the point between my brows.  And then it seemed that I could bounce or shift the energy from the right side of my face to the left side of my face and I began mentally repeating “left, right, left, right”.  As I said left, the energy went left and vice versa.  After playing with this sensation for a few more minutes, I moved the energy back down my spine and then just sat still for a little while longer.