30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 15

Sunday December 20, 2009:  So, as of yesterday, I am halfway through the challenge!   I had the pleasure of meditating yesterday at what I’ve realized is the perfect time to be in my home yoga studio.  Right around 1pm or so, the sun shines through the single window in the room and right on to my yoga mat.  Outside my backyard is blanketed with about two feet of snow, dumped by a mighty winter storm.   But, I sat in that beam of light and meditated with the sun warming my face.  I chanted the Bija mantra, moving the energy up my spine.  When I reached the chakras at my throat and point between my brows, I began to feel a fairly strong pulse of energy up moving up towards the crown of my head.  Although my body was calm and my mind fairly steady, my  heart also seemed to beat faster.  At first this rising pulsation was very strong.  Similar to the previous day, the energy seemed like it was trying to pass through the crown of my head and keep going.  But, as I sat longer, it ebbed away to a more gentle wave.  My heart, however, still seemed to beat faster and harder even though I was completely still.  I’m not sure if this was a true (I couldn’t really take my pulse as I meditated!) or a sensation brought on by the meditation?  I did not in any way feel  physically agitated or uncomfortable and I did not experience any fear or anxiety.  Yet, I definitely had this strong sensation at my heart.