Get ready for more Yin Yoga Teacher Training with me in 2014!

GR Front Desk Photo MEDStay tuned for details about my  upcoming Level One Yin Yoga Teacher Training in February of 2014 and (drum roll!) my first Level Two Yin Yoga Training in May of 2014.  Both will be held at the lovely Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda East.  A student from the September 2013 training described it as “fascia-nating”.  How can you resist?

  • Jem

    How many hours will you be offering at level 1?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Jem,
      Thanks for your interest in the Level One Yin Yoga TT! This training runs Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am – 5pm with a lunch break. So, it’s 6 training hours per day for a total of 12 training hours for the weekend. Please feel free to get in touch with any other questions or if you are interested in the links for booking.


  • Amber Knight

    Hello Jen! I am very much interested in your teacher training weekend in Feb – could you please email me more details. Thank you kindly. Amber

  • Deborah

    Hi Jennifer, I am in Brisbane but would consider coming down for one of your courses. They look extremely interesting. Would love to know what you have planned for the year?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Deborah,
      I’m running a number of weekend Yin trainings plus a few retreats and intensives. This weekend March 1-2 is L1 at Grass Roots. May 16-17 is L2, also at Grass Roots. And I will run another L1 and L2 later in the year. I’ll post those dates as soon as I have them. I have a Yin retreat in Daylesford on April 4-6 and the flyer is now up on the website. Hope to see you at an event or training soon.
      Warmly, Jennifer

  • Barry Hohn

    Hi Jennifer, I have just found out about you, I would dearly love to be a participant in the next L1 Yin Yoga training 2014. It’s a shame I missed the feb training. I look forward to hearing from you

    • Jennifer

      Don’t worry – there will be another Level One training in Spring. I’ll be in touch re: dates.
      Regards, Jennifer

  • Phoebe

    Hi there
    I was wondering if I can apply for level 2 yin yoga.
    I’ve already studied anatomy and physiology and I teach Pilates? Do I still have to do level 1?
    Is there any spots left for May course?

    Warm regards


    • Jennifer

      Hi Phoebe,
      Thanks for chatting with me offline about this. I really appreciate your interest in Yin Yoga and hope to meet you at a training this year.

  • Phoebe

    Hi there

    Do I need to have done Yin 1 TT in order to do yin 2?

    If not I will book in thanks!