Another Successful Yin TT…and More to Come!

Yin TT - March 2014

Thank you so much to all the yin yogis who came to the Level One Yin TT with open hearts and inquisitive minds.  Our time together always seems too short but I look forward to seeing some of you in the Level Two TT.  I have just ordered a Tensegrity teaching model, all-new myofascial meridian posters from Anatomy Trains Edition 3, and footage of fascia from the man himself, Tom Myers.  It’s been great to learn from Tom online via his many webinars and through his book Anatomy Trains.  But, in just a few short weeks, I’ll be sitting in a room with him!  So, Level Two in May will have more myofascial meridian goodness, dazzling images and props, and sequencing methods inspired by Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, and Tom Myers.  It’s like the League of Superheroes!

For more information and to register for the Level Two Train in in May, visit Grass Roots Yoga.  Feel free to contact me with any questions re: the course content but all bookings are done through Grass Roots.



  • Ruth Romei

    Hi Jennifer, I am really looking forward to doing your yin yoga teacher training level 1 in August but am wondering if I could do level 2 with you in May first?

  • Arian

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am interested in doing your Yin Yoga training 16-17 August. I am not a yoga teacher, but do yoga 3-4 times weekly and have a background in wellness, TCM & meditation.
    Looking forward to your reply…


    • Jennifer

      Hi Arian,

      Lovely to hear from you! You do not need to be a yoga teacher to attend the L1 Yin Yoga training in August. Many of my long-time Yin Yoga students attend the training simply to deepen their understanding of the Yin practice or to assist in developing sequences for their home practice. It’s nice to have people with different backgrounds and areas of expertise at the training and people go on to use what they learn in many different ways.

      I hope to meet you in August.


  • Janyce lane

    Do u have dates for training and workshops for 2015.