What can we learn about Italian family dinner from Chinese Five Element Theory?

Dinner "Italian Style" at Le Yoga Daylesford.
Dinner “Italian Style” at Le Yoga Daylesford.

Growing up in an Italian family, the dinner table was the centre of all things. We laughed, argued, and bonded over meals- digesting the days events and connecting with one another. Viewed through the lens of Chinese Five Element Theory, this Italian way of life makes perfect sense.  The Spleen/Stomach network governs assimilation and digestion on all levels – whether it’s food or ideas – and supports the harmonious distribution of energy to support the community of the body.  The Spleen network is associated with the Earth element and Earth types are great at nourishing others and maintaining harmony like any good Italian mamma 🙂  Of course, our Earth type has vulnerabilities too.  She might always put others first, neglecting herself. And like that classic Italian mamma, she can be prone to worry and over-protectiveness!  Is your Earth element dominant or dormant? Gather with us in Daylesford Aug 1-3 for a winter retreat to share yoga, meditation, and delicious home-cooked meals at Adrian’s beautiful dinner table. Together we’ll consider our own tendencies and how they can nourish or diminish our inner environment. Only 2 places remain so contact Adrian Thia of Le Yoga Daylesford to secure your spot.

  • Taline

    Hi Jen, Taline here. I just saw that you’ve had another yin weekend. I hope it went well? I am keen on doing more yoga weekend things- can you guide me on this. will you be doing another before the end of this year?
    See you soon hopefully at Grass Roots.
    T x

    • Jennifer

      Hi Taline,
      So nice to hear from you! We did recently enjoy a Winter Yin retreat in Daylesford. Adrian incorporated all of your helpful feedback from the first retreat and now all the meals are prepared by Adrian’s mum and served around the big dining table (yum!) We also incorporated the lovely guesthouse into the retreat, including some meditation in the living room in front of the wood fire. Our final retreat in Daylesford this year is the Spring retreat running Nov 21-23, 2014. Weather permitting it will include an outdoor yoga practice on sacred ground in beautiful bush surrounds and of course a Spring-inspired menu from Adrian’s mum 🙂 I’ll add you to the Yin mailing list so you can stay notified. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram as jencrescenzo. Hope to see you soon!