2016 Yin Yoga Teacher Training Weekends at Ohana Yoga in Port Melbourne


Ohana Yoga was one of the first places in Melbourne to offer Yin Yoga classes so I am really excited to offer two weekends of Yin Yoga training in Ohana’s new spacious, light-filled Port Melbourne studio.   These two weekend trainings can be taken separately or combined for a 30 Hour certificate. The first weekend is Yin Fundamentals (15 hours) and the second weekend is Yin Sequencing (15 hours)   Both trainings are open to all levels, including students of Yin Yoga who simply wish to deepen their personal practice.  Here are the details:


Yin Fundamentals: Saturday April 9- Sunday April 10, 2016 (11am – 6pm daily)

Yin Sequencing: Saturday July 2- Sunday July 3, 2016 (11am – 6pm daily)


Individual Yin TT’s: $450 (includes course manual and a Certificate of Completion)

Package Price for both Yin TT’s purchased together: $800 (must be purchased by April 1)


All bookings are made directly through Ohana Yoga

Course Description:

Yin Yoga has increased in popularity and there is more and more demand for Yin teachers.  Learning to teach Yin can make you a more knowledgable and versatile yoga teacher and can increase your opportunities to teach.  For students of Yin, learning the Yin method can help you towards a more balanced practice.  But Yin is not simply holding a posture for longer or resting on a prop.  Yin is not a test of your ability to endure five minutes in a pose.  It’s not the aggressive pursuit of flexibility.  Yin is not just letting go and drifting off.   And it is not the yoga for when you are injured or sick and cannot do an athletic flow.  Yin Yoga is specifically intended to be part of a balanced approach to movement (and life!) that gives you time to integrate your body and mind in order to move through the world with more integrity and greater purpose.  The better you understand Yin Yoga, the better you can help guide your students (and yourself) towards the right balance of Yin and Yang.

Yin Fundamentals (15 hours)

In this course we discuss some of the fundamental questions of Yin Yoga: Why do I hold postures for so long?  Why am I told to relax?  Is Yin just about stillness?  Where should I feel sensation in the poses?  How much sensation is too much?  How often should I practice Yin? How does my body adapt and respond to stretching over time?  Will Yin Yoga help me meditate? Is Yin Yoga safe for everyone?  Through lecture, demonstrations, and practice we will cover the foundational anatomy and philosophy of Yin and all the basic Yin postures.  One of the most unique and exciting parts of Yin training is our “Posture Lab” where we experiment with all the postures and observe why someone might be limited in a pose or struggling to feel sensation in the target area. In the “lab” you will explore creative ways to vary or modify postures and learn how to support yourself or your students so that the Yin postures are safe, sustainable, and effective.

Tuition: $450 (includes manual and certificate of completion) or purchase together with Yin Sequencing for $800 total

Yin Sequencing (15 hours)

Today we hear more and more about the structure and function of connective tissues like fascia.  But how exactly do we apply this understanding to yoga sequencing?  In this course we will diver deeper into the physical and energetic anatomy of Yin in order to learn how to sequence more skillfully. Together we’ll consider:  What exactly is a Yin Yoga sequence supposed to do? What does it mean to “open” an area of my body?  What is a myofascial chain and how could it help me construct a sequence?  What kind of sequence would prepare me or my students for restful sleep?  How would that sequence differ from a lunchtime Yin class? How does our understanding of the structure and function of connective tissue intersect with the principles of yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine?  Can I sequence to balance the flow of Qi?

Through lecture, discussion, group exercises, and Yin practice you will explore the anatomy of sequencing and learn techniques to help you create inspired and effective Yin sequences. The course includes 2 led Yin practices, followed by a breakdown and detailed discussion of each sequence.

Tuition: $450 (includes manual and certificate of completion) or purchase together with Yin Fundamentals for $800 total

About Jennifer:  

Jennifer has over a decade of teaching experience and is a certified RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance.  She has been at the forefront of Yin Yoga in Australia and leads Yin and Hatha yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops in Australia and internationally.


Jennifer began her yoga studies with classical Hatha Yoga in a Sivananda ashram and developed her unique approach to teaching yoga by exploring many styles, from the structure of Anusara to the liquid flow of Shiva Rea.  Since 2009, Jennifer has been mentored by Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley.  She has additional Yin training with Sarah Powers and further study with pioneering yoga educator Leslie Kaminoff.

Jennifer is a life-long athlete and fearless explorer of all things movement including dance, martial arts, and Olympic Lifting.  Inspired by own experience with the transformative power of movement, Jennifer has immersed herself in the study of the human body to understand why the way we move has such a profound influence on the way we think and feel.  She studies with leading fascia researcher and educator Tom Myers (author of Anatomy Trains) and dissected a human cadaver under the instruction of anatomy guru and “somanaut” Gil Hedley.   She also looks to Traditional Chinese Medicine, exploring the relationship between the physical pathways of our connective tissues and the energetic pathways described by yoga and TCM.

Asked by an interviewer at Modern Yogi, “What does yoga mean to you?” Jennifer replied, “Through yoga, we get this amazing opportunity to study the universe by studying ourselves – all the principles, all the systems, all the dynamics of nature are right there inside us and the process of discovery is still really thrilling to me.”