FAQs about Yin Teacher Trainings

I get a lot of questions about the structure of my Yin Teacher Trainings.  So, I thought I’d take the time to answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) here in one place.  When a studio decides to host a Yin training, we work together to offer discounts for studio members or for yogis purchasing more than one Yin module at the studio.  So, once you’ve decided when and where you’d like to do your training, you can visit the studio website for those details. But, this is all the other good stuff you need to know to train with me and work towards a 50 Hour Yin Yoga Certificate.


The Structure

My 50 Hour Yin TT is broken down into weekend modules.  They are:
  • Yin Fundamentals (15 hours)
  • Yin Sequencing (15 hours)
  • Yin Yang Sequencing (15 hours)
Each weekend earns a 15 Hour Certificate of Completion. If you complete all 3 modules and a written assignment, you will earn a 50 Hour certificate.  Facilitator Jennifer Crescenzo is an E-RYT 500 and a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified Continuing Education Provider). These course hours meet the requirements for Continuing Education Credits.
You can register for individual weekends or combine 2 or 3.  Studios will typically offer a package price for enrolling in more than one module.  But you are not required to take all 3 modules at one studio.  You can complete the modules and the final assignment at your own pace.  When you’ve completed all three modules, you simply contact Jennifer for the final assignment.  When the assignment is complete, you send it to Jennifer for review and she issues a certificate.


The Schedule

A typical weekend training runs Friday 6-8pm and Saturday and Sunday 11:30 to 6pm.  Slight adjustments are sometimes made to accommodate a studio’s regular classes.  You are expected to attend the entire weekend if you wish to earn a certificate.  Jennifer understands that special circumstances arise.  If you are going to be late or cannot attend a portion of the training, please let her know in advance.



Am I required to do a teacher training in order to teach Yin?
Legally, you are not required to attend a Yin Teacher Training in order to lead Yin Yoga classes.
So, why should I attend a training?
The Yin method is fundamentally different to other forms of modern yoga like Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Hot.  It’s important to understand those differences and how to explain them to your students. When teaching Yin Yoga classes, you are helping students understand a little bit more about how their bodies and minds work and what they can do to adapt and vary postures to meet their own unique needs.  In order to do this effectively, you’ll need more anatomy then most 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings offer.  And you’ll also want a grasp of energetic anatomy like the Chakras of yoga and the Meridians of Chinese Medicine.  In Jennifer’s Yin TT’s, you’ll learn this physical and energetic anatomy in the “Movement Lab” where you experiment with the postures yourself and observe others.  Then you’ll learn how to apply that understanding in sequencing a class.
Okay, I’m ready to attend a training.  Why should I do it with Jennifer?
Jennifer is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 and Certified Continuing Education Provider with over 12 years of teaching experience in the U.S. and Australia.  So, your training hours with her are recognized by both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia as Continuing Education Credits. Jennifer has been at the forefront of Yin Yoga in Australia, teaching Melbourne’s first Yin classes and writing and facilitating Yin Teacher Trainings delivered across Australia and internationally.  Jennifer trains continuously with innovators and educators in various sciences including Paul Grilley, Tom Myers, Gil Hedley, Sarah Powers, Leslie Kaminoff, and MovNat.  And her 10 years as a documentary film producer/writer documentary film help her structure her trainings and communicate her core ideas clearly and logically.    In addition, she has co-written and facilitated multiple YA certified 200 Hour Teacher Trainings and is the co-creator/facilitator of Anatomy for Yoga teacher trainings.
What do other people say about Jennifer’s trainings?
Here is what recent 50 Hour Yin TT graduate Ryan Mannix had to say about the training:
“Jen’s Yin course was outstanding. It has given me not only a better appreciation of the practice, but the skillset and confidence to create intelligent, creative sequencing that supports the body. Jen’s guidance on the use of postures, props and modifications has also enabled me to better suit the practice to every individual. Jen has also had a great influence on the way I now teach Yin. I’m not afraid to move or use other modalities such as self massage and acupressure to get the best result for bringing the body and mind back into balance. I highly recommend Jen’s course for anyone interested in either teaching or practicing Yin yoga.”
 I’m a 200 Hour certified Yoga Teacher but I’ve never done any Yin training.  What should I purchase?
If you’ve never done any Yin Yoga training before, please start with the weekend Yin Fundamentals or the One-day Yin Fundamentals Intensive.  Here you’ll learn the core philosophy and methods of Yin Yoga and how to teach the foundational Yin postures.  You’ll learn a little anatomy – including a bit more about how your muscles, fascia, and nervous system work together to limit or allow movement. This is the foundation you need for either Yin Sequencing or Yin Yang Sequencing.
I’m a student who just wants to understand more about Yin Yoga.  What should I purchase?
The best place to start is Yin Fundamentals.  This training will give you the tools you need to practice safely and effectively at home.
I’ve done some Yin training before.  Do I still need to complete Yin Fundamentals?
If you’ve already done some Yin training, you can probably jump right into Yin Sequencing or Yin Yang Sequencing.  Just contact Jennifer to be sure (jencrescenzo@gmail.com)
I did a Yin training with Jennifer a few years ago when the format was different.  Do I need to start again with Yin Fundamentals?
Jennifer continually attends trainings with leaders in the field of fascia such as Tom Myers and Gil Hedley and studies Chakras, Meridians, and yoga philosophy with Paul Grilley.  And her understanding of movement is always evolving through her own movement life which includes Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Primal Movement, and Olympic Lifting.  So, her trainings are always updated to reflect new ideas and experiences.  Today’s Yin Fundamentals is different than her previous Level One Yin courses.  That said, if you’ve attending a Yin Level One training and you’ve got a regular Yin practice, you are welcome to jump straight in to Yin Sequencing.  You might just refresh yourself on some of the core concepts before you attend.