Class Descriptions

Yoga class descriptions:


Yin Yoga is mindful movement.  Time is taken as you enter each pose to understand what joints you are working with, how those joints move, and the sensations that might arise as you work through any movement barriers.  As you encounter the places in your body where you cannot move or breath with ease, you develop ways to work in those stuck places more patiently and skillfully.   As you work through layers of accumulated tension, you may find that your sleep improves, your immune system becomes more robust, and you recover more easily from stress.

Yin Yoga postures are held for longer periods of time to give you the opportunity to feel a broader and more subtle range of sensations from stretch and compression in your tissues, to changes in your breath, to the flow of your mental and emotional energy.  This regular practice of noticing what arises during and after a posture helps you develop a meditative consciousness that is accessed through your felt sense of your body.

Ultimately through the postures you develop a clearer sense of self and purpose.  You can move more freely,  express yourself more skillfully,  and communicate your ideas more clearly.  In other words Yin Yoga is not just about your movement potential, it’s about your human potential!


This is a graceful, flowing style of yoga where continuous movement is coordinated with rhythmic breath.  I offer a slower flow that allows time to build steady postures supported from deep within, both physically and energetically.  The sequences are inspired by traditional hatha yoga, dance, and taoist martial arts to cultivate strength and suppleness.  I enjoy working with students to find the variations or modifications that allow them to flow with confidence and ease.


Yang movements test you, insisting that you reach beyond what you think is possible.  Yin movements unfold without effort or strain, allowing things to be as they are.  These classes balance the heating qualities of Yang practice with the cooling qualities of Yin practice.  In led Yin Yang sequences you will glide like a serpent, crouch like a tiger, and strike like a ninja!  Through movement you will learn more about your joints and how to use Yin and Yang approaches to cultivate strength, balance, coordination, and fluidity.

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  • Andrew Bucknell

    I use to a gentle yin yoga class in Sydney and have been trying to find a similar class in Melbourne. I have a neurological condition so I am a bit awkward with some postures but love practising yoga. I think the yin yoga class on wednesday morning looks interesting. Is this class open to casual dropins?


  • Kylie

    Hi Jen
    Could you please email further details of your Yin workshop in April please-thankyou. Kylie

  • Melissa Watson

    Hi Jen

    I can’t find an email so just thought id shoot you a comment and let you know that unfortunately I can’t make the last two yin yoga classes on wed morning. I’ve injured my back a bit on a run and movement is not my best friend at the moment.

    But thanks for some awesome yin goodness in the mornings and I hope you run it again 🙂

  • Tinoi Akkerman

    Hi Jen, love yin yoga ever since I did one class in NZ in Jan. I have been practising every day for about 3wks at home with some you tube classes and now want to add a group class to my practise to grow my experience and knowledge of this amazing yoga.
    Can you send me prices pls I couldn’t see a note of them anywhere.
    Hope to see you tonite!