Yin Yoga Sequences

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Theming: Quality of the Tiger

In Taoism, the Tiger symbolises yin. The Tiger crouches low to the ground, taking in her surroundings, conserving energy and gathering information until the time comes to act swiftly and decisively.  As you practice, become curious, studying your inner environment like the tiger studies her terrain.  Notice where you are straining physically.  Notice when your mind becomes hardened or fixated.  Minimize effort.  Find the amount of pressure, pull, or squeeze in the target area of the pose that is right for you.  Notice how sensations shift and change over time.  Notice all the subtle ways your body responds to the pose, including changes in the way you are breathing or your quality of mind.

Watch this space!  New Sequences coming soon. 


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  • Katrien Van Huyck

    Hi Jennifer,
    It was really nice meeting you today at The Yoga Social and chatting briefly about teaching alternative styles to Power Flow classes. I would love to come to one of your Yin classes, are you currently teaching at Power Living Fitzroy?
    With love,

    • Jennifer

      Hi Katrien,
      I live southside so I’ve stopped teaching at Power Living in Fitzroy. But you can find me at Power Living Union St in South Melbourne on Monday at 9:30am and Wednesday at 7:45pm. And I’m also offering Yin at Ohana Yoga in Albert Park and Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda East. I hope to see you at a class in the near future!

      Warmly, Jennifer