A beautiful weekend of Yin Training at Kula Yoga

Kula Yoga in Melbourne’s Hawthorne East is a gorgeous yoga studio and the host of my latest Yin Level One training.  I shared an inspiring weekend with 28 movement instructors including yoga teachers, CrossFit coaches, and Physios.  My growing collection of fascia images was on display  as well as some new props – the Tensegrity model, mandarin oranges, and neon green “bouncing putty” and new favourite words “hydrophilic” and “hydrophobic”.  Discussion was lively  as we considered target areas, playing edges, yang dimensions of yin poses, hyper-mobility, and being symmetrical.   Often these conversations really revolve around the deeper question, “What are the values and beliefs that shape […]

Yin Yoga – 2014 Calendar of Events

I often get asked: “what else are you doing” or for a way to ‘save the date‘ for one of my events.  So, I’ve produced a calendar (sorry there are no firemen or cute kittens!) that lists all currently scheduled events through the end of 2014. I can’t promise that I will not add more, but if I do, I will update this flyer.  And I’ll try to figure out how to let you automatically subscribe to my events via your calendar program.  In the meantime, please click on the calendar above to enlarge and find out all the wonderful […]

First Level Two Yin TT

I am lucky that it’s my job to hang out with such amazing women!  This is the crew from my first Yin Level Two Teacher Training, hosted by Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda.   We spent a weekend learning sequencing techniques based on Tom Myer’s myofascial meridians and the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  With all that creative energy in one room, inspiration abounds. Level One and Level Two graduate Amy Joy Barber shared, “I always come away with lots of notes and deep insights.” If you missed out this time, join me later in the year for Level […]

Level One Yin Teacher Training in June at Kula Yoga

Due to demand for Yin Teacher training, I am adding more trainings this year.  Next up is the June 21-22 Level One Yin TT at Kula Yoga in Hawthorn East.  Click on the flyer above for more details. All bookings are directly through Kula Yoga and can be made via email: info@kulayoga.com.au. I’m excited to be partnering with a new studio to continue growing Melbourne’s Yin Yoga community!

Level Two Yin Yoga Training in May at Grass Roots Yoga

Hi Melbourne Yin Yogis – if you have completed a Level One Yin Training with me and once was just not enough, then come back for more!  My first Level Two training is in May at Grass Roots Yoga. More myofascial meridians, more energetic anatomy, and the flowing Dragon sequences.  It’s a Yin party and you are invited!  Click on the link below for a downloadable PDF with the details. YinYoga TT Level 2 with Jennifer Crescenzo

Six Week Yin Yang Yoga Course at Studio Cirq in CBD

Tired of the morning rush?   Ease into your day instead with Yin Yang Yoga.  From Feb 7, join me Friday mornings for a 6-week Yin/Yang Yoga course at Studio Cirq, a boutique laneway yoga studio in CBD. Come learn the soaring Flying Dragon sequence that opens the hips in a creative, circular flow and the earthy Golden Seed Sequence that tones the legs, stretches the spine, and draws chi to the centre of the body.  Together with these awakening fluid sequences, I will teach the core Yin forward folds, backbends, and twists. Yin Yang Yoga is a balancing practice […]

Get ready for more Yin Yoga Teacher Training with me in 2014!

Stay tuned for details about my  upcoming Level One Yin Yoga Teacher Training in February of 2014 and (drum roll!) my first Level Two Yin Yoga Training in May of 2014.  Both will be held at the lovely Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda East.  A student from the September 2013 training described it as “fascia-nating”.  How can you resist?

Excited to join the team at Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda!

I’m excited to join the team at Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda!  From Sunday Aug 17, I’ll be teaching Yin/Yang Fusion Flow on Sundays from 4:30 – 5:45pm and on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30am.  Grass Roots is a lovely studio with cork floors and eco-friendly infrared heat panels that make you feel like you are being warmed by the sun while you practise!  But it’s not just the lovely heat that makes Grass Roots feel warm – it’s the welcoming vibe from owner Shannon Barry and the whole team.  Whether you are new to yoga and want a relaxed, supportive […]