30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 29

Sunday January 3, 2010:  Today we drove home from Luray so I was back in my little home yoga studio for meditation.  I was glad to be back in my own spot but I had some trouble settling in at first.  I decided to work with the ham sa mantra and started working my way up the chakras but when I got to the heart chakra, my heart suddenly felt as if it were beating wildly.  It was similar to what happens to me when I’m at home alone, maybe reading quietly, and I think I hear a strange noise. […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 27

Friday January 1, 2010:  So, my meditation streak has officially survived into 2010!  It was not easy as I was away at a vacation rental with friends and there were books and games and bottles of wine and the “cadillac” of hot tubs (this thing had room for 16 with a variety of lights and jets and audio entertainment).  On Friday evening, several friends and I had gone into the hot tub but no one can last in hot, bubbling water longer than I can and my friends left and went inside.  So, it was just me alone with the […]