30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 8

Sunday December 13, 2009: This was another evening meditation at the end of a full day.  I taught a Yin Workshop and, immediately following that, my regular Sunday class.  Then I took a 2-hour arm balances workshop.  At the beginning of the workshop, the teacher connected the practice of arm balances to the anahata or heart chakra.   Interestingly, this chakra later took a starring role in my meditation!  I started my meditation with the ham sa mantra, moving the energy up my spine.  In the lower chakras, my breathing was very free and easy.  I had little difficulty resting between breaths and observing the flow of energy.  But, when I reached my throat chakra, my breathing began to feel tighter and more constricted.  I could not comfortably pause between breaths.  I experienced a very slight choking sensation.  But, I pushed through and finished ascending the energy to the chakra at the crown of the head.  Then, I began the so ham mantra and the process of moving the energy back down my spine.  On so ham, I relaxed a little bit again.  After I had moved back down from the crown to the root chakra, I sat quietly.  With my eyes closed, I couldn’t really seem to dive deeper.  But, when I opened my eyes, and remained seated and still, I experienced an intense surge of energy. Normally, when I feel prana, the sensation is like waves.  It’s kind of wide and deep and undulating.  But this was more like little fireworks, little burst or sparks.  And it was very concentrated, just at my heart center.  The sensations were invigorating but also produced some anxiety.  I tried to examine why -did the sensation remind of the heart-pounding I associate with fear?  Was I concerned that something was actually physically amiss? (I have had a heart murmur since I was very young)  I wasn’t able to answer the questions through the meditation so I just sat with the sensation for 10 minutes or so, eyes open but focused completely on these sensations in my chest.  Following the meditation, although I was physically tired, I was mentally very awake and had difficulty falling asleep.