30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 14

Jennifer in meditationSaturday December 19, 2009: Again today I meditated immediately following a yoga practice but this time it was a flowing sun salutation practice.  So, when I finished and sat for meditation, my heart rate was up and my body was warm.  My mind felt relatively steady.  I decided to meditate in the style that came naturally in the moment and, after a few minutes, began the ham sa/so ham mantra practice.  As I have described in earlier posts, I sometimes get kind of “stuck” in the ham sa practice when I try to move the energy up my spine.  Sometimes I start to get slightly anxious, sometimes breathing seems more labored, and sometimes I feel a very slight choking sensation.  But, in this meditation, the breath seemed to flow very freely and I could really feel energy traveling upward.  Again, in past meditations, the energy seemed to radiate out from my center in a sort of wing-like fashion, rather than up to the crown of my head.  But yesterday I could feel a very steady, strong pulse rising up to the crown.  It was pretty intense, almost like this energy was trying desperately to escape through my skull and rise further.  It was an exact counter to the previous day when it felt like there was a force trying to really pin me to the ground.   I decided to just sit with the sensation for the remainder of the meditation.  I do wonder about the effects of both yoga practices – so different in style – on the meditations that followed.