30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 20

Jennifer in meditationFriday December 25, 2009:  I woke up on December 25th tired and with house guests and the aftermath of our huge Christmas Eve dinner to clean up.  But, I also woke up with a huge sense of relief that, in a few short hours, we would officially be done as chefs, decorators, and hosts!  After several hours of clean-up, my husband and I took to the couch and stayed there for most of the day for a marathon of mediocre television.  Our Christmas Day is usually quiet but it’s a tradition that we all watch a movie together as a family.   We got the call from my dad at about 5pm saying we needed to suck it up, get off the couch, and come watch Tarentino’s “Inglorious Basterds”.  I figured that, given my options, it was better to meditate pre-Tarentino!   After a massive Christmas Eve meal and a day of inertia, I decided I needed to use the ham sa mantra to try to shift out of my lower chakras.  The flow of energy was subtle but steady and I could feel a gentle wave rising up towards the crown of my head.   After feeling so rooted and grounded all day, it was nice to feel a little bit more expansive.   I think overall this third week of meditation has taught me more about the discipline of the practice and coming to meditate even when you don’t feel as if you have much to give.  What I’ve found is a comfort in the ritual.  As I do it more, I worry less about the “success” of each meditation.