30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 24

Jennifer in meditationTuesday December 29, 2009:  Again I sat for meditation in the late evening.  I’d taught a rather large yoga class which was a lot of fun but kind of depleted my energy.  Once home, my husband and I cooked and ate and I was so tempted to just sink down deeper into those couch pillows…mmmm….but I summoned my will and headed for my meditation pillow instead.  I didn’t have high hopes as I sat down and it took a few minutes to settle in.  Almost immediately, my focus shifted to the class I had taught earlier in the evening and a question that a student had asked about a particular pose.  I had answered her question at the time but wasn’t fully satisfied with my answer.  So, as I sat there, I began to consider what a better response might have been.  And then, following that train of thought, I began to plan a future yoga class that might help to clarify some aspects of the pose for my students.  I considered trying to direct my attention to my breath or a mantra instead of this class plan but I was advised once by someone I trust that sometimes it’s a good thing to follow the thoughts that arise in meditation.  So, I went with it for a while.  And then, my mind kind of finished with that thought pattern and I was able to turn some attention to my body and breath.  When I did, I noticed a sensation similar to the previous evening’s meditation.  Energy was gently coursing up the front of my body and to the crown of my head where it seemed to kind of spill out.  I watched this for a while and then noticed that the energy shifted.  My heart seemed to become the sort of energetic center of the flow and energy seemed to spill out from my heart center and back down towards the base of my spine.  It felt really good and soothing and I sat for quiet a while just enjoying that flow.  When I finished, although still tired, I felt refreshed.