30 Day Meditation Challenge: Drumroll please…Day 30!!!

Jennifer in meditationMonday January 4, 2010:   In yoga, we babble on a lot about the journey rather than the destination.  So, it is perhaps incredibly appropriate that when I sat for my mediation on Monday, I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had, in fact, reached my goal of 30 straight days of meditation!  Colors did not explode before my eyes.  Light beams did not shoot from my belly.  The universe did not swallow me whole.  There’s no Hollywood ending to this meditation story.  In fact, I hope this 30 days isn’t really an ending at all but rather the foundation of a more regular (if not daily) meditation practice.  Later, I plan to review all 30 meditation posts and write about the experience as a whole.  I’m curious about patterns that may emerge.  But, for now, I’ll just describe what happened on Monday night.  I sat for meditation in the late evening.  Since I had the whole house to myself, I decided to chant the bija mantra and to do it with some gusto (maybe a reaction to my stealth meditations during our Luray vacation with friends?)  So I began the bija mantra and the process of moving the energy upwards.  I noticed immediately that the flow of energy was quite strong, stronger than it had been in a while.  Once focused on the two uppermost chakras (forehead and crown) I felt a return of that almost violent pulsation behind my cheeks and eyelids and up towards the crown of my head.  It was similar to experiences in several previous meditations where it felt like I was blinking rapidly and constantly (imagine a tic) even though my eyes were closed.  It felt like the energy was almost desperate to escape the confines of my body.  I decided to just see where this went so I sat there until the pulse subsided to a more gentle, wave-like movement.  After experiencing that for a while, I decided to try moving the energy back down my spine with another round of the bija mantra.  But, I wasn’t quite able to direct it.  Even as I chanted the mantras and shifted my awareness to the lower chakras, the energy continued to pulse in the upper chakras (even my prana is stubborn!)  I can best describe it as feeling a channel or tube that ran from the point between my eyebrows to my heart and back.  Energy just continued to flow steadily through that channel until I concluded the meditation.