I’m kind of obsessed with Tom Myers

AnatomyTrains copy MEDSince reading Tom Myers revolutionary “Anatomy Trains”, I’m admittedly a little obsessed with the guy.  Together with Paul Grilley, he completely changed the way I think about the body and increasingly influences how I sequence my yoga classes.  But I know that reading big books on anatomy is not everyone’s thing.  Or even reading big books period.  So, if you are even a little bit curious about Myers (or sick of being in my classes and wondering, “Why is she always going on about train tracks in my body?”) now you can find him on YogaU in bite size, digestible audio and video lectures and courses.  Included with the audio and video downloads are transcripts of what he says in case you also find yourself obsessed with him and want to revisit that riveting moment when he talked about what happens to the fascia when you breathe.  Visit http://yogauonline.com/yogaspirit/teachers/tom-myers