Take Flight

Yin Yoga at Union in Nevenka SMTeaching people to fly is a really good reason to get out of bed in the morning!  This morning I got to lead a lovely group of yogis at Power Living Union St in the Flying Dragon sequence. What I love about the Dragon sequence is how its twisting, turning, fluid movements invite you to open your wings and fly- freeing the mind and the hips!  In Taoist teaching, the Dragon is associated with water and the fluid body.  So, the Dragon Sequence lubricates the hip joints and hydrates the fasica and prepares you for deep yin stretches.  But it also lets you cast your imagine as wide as your dragon wings and this creative expression unwinds mental tension, which in turn softens the body, and allows the breath to flow freely.

My beautiful friend and student Rosemary Masic, the visionary designer behind Nevenka (and creator of my gorgeous white lace top!) snapped this photo at the end of class as the sun was shining through the windows and we were all basking in the yin afterglow.