Our First Graduating Class – 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Over a year ago Ambika Chadwick approached me with the idea to create a 200 Hour, Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga Teacher training for aspiring Melbourne yoga teachers. We agreed that we did not want to teach a set sequence or demand allegiance to a particular yoga tribe.  Instead, we wanted to focus on the art of teaching. Like any teacher training, we would cover the anatomy and philosophy of yoga.  But we would also challenge students to consider what they could offer yoga – what would make their teaching potent and authentic? In late July 2014, we launched our first 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training based on these principles.  It was a month-long immersion with classes five days a week for four weeks at Ambika’s beautiful CBD studio, The Yoga Social.  During that time we watched each student become more self-aware and more committed to yoga as a way of life. Final exams were held over a weekend in the countryside at the Satyananda Yoga Ashram in Rocklyn.  And I’m proud to say that on Aug 31 we graduated our first six students and we are eager to see what they will bring to the Melbourne Yoga community.

Ambika and I have also learned a great deal in running the course and emerge more committed than ever to offering a yoga teacher training in Melbourne that empowers students to become leaders, on or off the yoga mat.

We’ll be holding the course again starting in February of 2015.  But, this time it will be a series of weekend intensives for those who want this amazing experience but cannot commit to doing it all in one month!  For details and registration visit The Yoga Social website.