Yoga from the Yinside Out

What I love about Yin Yoga is that it allows us to consider teaching yoga from the inside (yinside) out. Through postures, we investigate our most deeply held beliefs, shedding what holds us back and making space for new perspectives. Thank you to Kula Yoga for hosting the August Level One Yin training in Melbourne and to all those who attended and contributed.

If you missed out on this training (and that makes you sad) book for my upcoming Level One in October at Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda.  Or, if you’re in Western Australia, join me October 3-5 for my first Level One Yin training in Perth at Beyond Being Yoga in Subiaco.

If you’re keen to enjoy Yin Yoga in a retreat setting in the bush, join me at Le Yoga Daylesford in November for Yin Yoga and the Chakras.