Last Yin Training of 2014

It’s hard to believe how quickly this year has flown by!  These photos are from the last Yin L2 training of 2014 at Grass Roots Yoga.  In the L2 trainings the students spend more time developing their own sequences so they can integrate what they have learned about myofascial meridians and the pathways of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As part of the training, the students break out into small groups and each one gets a chance to lead the group in a short Yin class.  The designated teacher guides her students through a 15 minute Yin practice and at the end she sits quietly and receives feedback from each member of the group.   The method of giving and receiving feedback is very specific. The person receiving feedback does not speak.  She simply listens without justifying, defending, or agreeing.  The person giving feedback does not offer improvements or suggest ways to alter the sequence.  Instead she simply describes how the practice felt in her body.  I love this method because it mirrors the practice of Yin Yoga – listening intently and sensitively to the body without pushing any information away or amplifying just the parts we want to hear.