What’s in store for 2015?

2015 is already off to a big start!

Yin Yoga Sunset Meditation
Sunset Meditation at Le Yoga Daylesford

In January, I led a “Yin and the Chakras” retreat in Daylesford which included dynamic movement, deep stillness, chanting, and meditation to enhance understanding of the chakras and coordinate the flow of energy along the spine. On our last day we flew like Dragons over sacred ground…

If you missed out, join us for retreats in Winter: Yin and the Taoist Five Elements (Aug 14-16) and Spring: Yin and the Chakras (Nov 20-22) in tranquil Daylesford.  Contact Adrian Thia at Lè Yoga Daylesford for information and bookings.

Jen Kerferd Pier Black Drape Lunge Sunrise
Capturing the “Magic Hour” with Sarah Enticknap

In January I also had the incredible privilege of working with Melbourne photographer Sarah Enticknap.  As I looked at her photographs, I saw parts of myself that were previously hidden from me and I glimpsed new horizons in her evocative images. To see more of her work, click here: Sarah Enticknap






In February I taught Yin on retreat in Thailand with renowned yoga educator Barbra Noh and Ayurvedic healer Kimmana Nichols. This was an incredibly nourishing experience in every way.  Each morning began with an hour of meditation and pranayama. Our movement practices included Anusara, Yin, and Thai Vedic Massage.  Our studies included Ayurveda and the practice of Metta or Loving Kindness. The staff at Samahita fed us incredibly flavorful healthy foods.  Just as nourishing were all the interesting conversations over shared meals with people from all over the world including dancers from Norway, photographers from Singapore, and Art Historians from Denmark.

For some of Kimmana’s wisdom on digestion, click  here:  Creating Perfect Digestion

For Barbra’s experience with the practice of Metta, click here:  Barbra Noh on Metta

With Barbra Noh at Samahita, Koh Samui, Thailand


TYS TT Feb 2015 SM
The Yoga Social Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Begins!

Back in Melbourne, on Valentine’s Day we kicked off a 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Social in CBD.  For our first weekend of training I led three different styles of Sun Salutation and we discussed how the rhythms and movements of each style of salutation influence mind, body, and breath.  It’s exciting to begin a journey of enquiry!

This year has seen the end of my long-time relationship with Grass Roots Yoga but the beginning of new relationships. Starting Thursday February 26, I will join the team at MOVE yoga to offer both Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga classes in CBD.  For days and times, please visit my Schedule page.  MOVE recently featured in Australian Vogue for their stunning interiors and thoughtful use of space.

This year, I have also changed my Yin Yoga training format.  Weekend trainings in 2013 and 2014 exposed more teachers and students to the foundational anatomy and philosophy of Yin Yoga.  But as the Melbourne Yin yoga community evolves at a rapid rate, I saw a need for more comprehensive training.  So this year, I am thrilled to lead Melbourne’s first 50 Hour Yin Training at Lè Yoga Daylesford.  This intensive retreat is exclusively for 10 students over 5 days and it will be a deep dive.  But I know not everyone can spare the time away.  So, in October and November, I am  offering a second 50 Hour Yin Training at The Yoga Social over three weekends:  10-11 Oct & 31 Oct-1 Nov & 14-15 Nov.  Contact The Yoga Social for bookings.

Although I hate to leave my Melbourne community too often, sometimes it has to be done! In May I’m on the road teaching Yin L1 in Adelaide and Yin L2 in Perth.  For all TT  dates, visit my Events page. For more information and to book for Adelaide, click here: Book Adelaide Yin TTFlyer for Yin Events in Adelaide

Adelaide Yin Yoga events flyer
Adelaide Yin Yoga events flyer

For a brief description, click on the flyer above.  Details for Perth coming soon!

But it’s not all about teacher training and retreats.  If you are training for the Great Ocean Road Marathon, join me and run coach Ashley Lofton at Power Living South Melbourne for Run and Yin.  It’s much more fun to train with a group (especially when hill sprints are involved!) and post-training Yin balances the body and ensures you stay healthy while you train.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Here’s a great article from on the benefits of combining yoga and running: Yin and Running Article 

Yin workshops are being scheduled throughout the year in Melbourne and surrounds including Sequencing workshops at Rise Yoga in Richmond in May and Yoga-Me in Frankston in July.  For dates, visit my Events page. Details for the Rise workshop are below.

Rise Yin sequencing workshop flyer
Rise Yin sequencing workshop flyer

Over the past few years, I have pursued training across disciplines with people at the leading edge (and sometimes beyond!) of how we understand the human body-mind.  In 2014 that included studying Anatomy Trains for bodyworkers with Tom Myers which was my first experience with therapeutic massage.  I learned so much from using my hands to feel myofascial meridians that I decided to go a layer deeper!  So in June I fly to Newark New Jersey for a 5-day human cadaver dissection with leading fascia educator Gil Hedley.  This has been a dream since 2009 and my first Yin Yoga TT with Paul and Suzee Grilley.  They were some of Gil’s first students and speak so highly of his approach to dissecting the human body which is guided by scientific precision but also shaped by curiosity and wonder.   I expect to emerge from my experience with Gil shaken up in the best possible way! If you are curious about Gil and what he does, check out his website: Gil Hedley Website

Whew!  That’s all for now…