Melbourne’s First 50 Hr Yin TT Immersion

IMG_0006Over the Easter Holiday in April, I partnered with Le Yoga Daylesford to host Melbourne’s first 50-hour Yin TT Immersion.  We spent five glorious autumn days in Daylesford practicing Yin Yoga and studying the principles behind the practice.  Each morning began with Yin Yoga and meditation, followed by a Q&A about the morning practice.  The rest of the day was divided between lecture on the anatomy and philosophy of Yin and learning practical tools for teaching Yin. In lectures we discussed how Yin Yoga influences fascia, mobilises the spine, enhances proprioception, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and balances Qi flow in the major meridians.  In our afternoon “Yin Lab” we broke down all of the primary Yin postures and considered how to adjust postures to feel sensation through the target area.  Students were able to experiment in their own bodies and to observe and discuss how other yogis experienced the poses. Then we worked together to find strategies to work around potential challenges such as injuries, scar tissue, hypermobility, and bone on bone compression.


Le Yoga nourished us throughout our studies with home-cooked meals made with vegetables from their own gardens and other locally-sourced produce.  The peaceful surroundings provided space for contemplation and relaxation and the many trails in the area allowed for daily walks or runs to balance all our Yin practice!

I’m really excited to see how these dedicated yogis integrate the training and find their own unique way of teaching Yin.