A Weekend of Yin/Yang Yoga 10-12 July at MOVE Yoga!

Dragonfly Sidebend - FluidFrame_4527 SMALLI am incredibly excited to run a weekend of Yin and Yang workshops at MOVE Yoga 10-12 July, 2015 with international yoga teacher David Kim.  David is a Senior Teacher Trainer for LA-based YogaWorks studio and leads his own YogaWise Yin Yoga TT Worldwide. David and I met years ago at a Paul Grilley training and found that we had a lot in common!  Among other things we share a background in journalism which makes us want to investigate things – to understand not just the what but the why.  That spirit of inquiry compels us both to search for innovation within the yoga community yoga and beyond.  Between us we have studied Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, and Prana Flow yoga and explored acrobatics and circus training, tai chi, marathons, belly dancing, and Olympic Lifting. And we share a passion for CrossFit!  Our education is ongoing  and draws from diverse influences with yoga teachers like Paul Grilley and Leslie Kaminoff and pioneering fascia researchers like Tom Myers and Gil Hedley.  All of these teachers are thought leaders who challenge conventional wisdom and are reshaping how we think about movement as medicine.

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David and I embrace a way of teaching yoga that explains the thinking behind the techniques and helps yogis understand how to chose the variations and modifications that are right for them whether the pose is vigorous and muscular (Yang) or quiet and still (Yin).

As new research elevates our understanding of the body and mind, no method should be too sacred to discard.  And we need to recognise that the technique that will be the “aha” moment for one yogi will be dangerous or inadequate for another.  Instead of insisting on one right alignment for every unique person, we can instead embrace common principles and have a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve with any yoga posture.  From this common ground of understanding each of us can experiment and explore, finding a way to shape the yoga postures that is guided from within rather than relying on how the pose looks on the outside.

Our weekend at MOVE Yoga includes 4 workshops, each with a different focus.  Here is a brief description of the workshop content.

Friday July 10 (evening): Dragons Yin and Yang: Move dynamically in the Yang Dragon Sequence to lubricate the hip and shoulder joints and stimulate the flow of energy throughout the entire body.  Then feel this energy circulate as you drop into the deep, meditative stillness of the Yin Dragon.  Appropriate for all levels.

Saturday July 11 (day)  Foundations of Yin: Do the demands of your daily life leave you feeling stiff, dull, and fatigued?  Do you wish you could move more freely and think more clearly?  The Yin Yoga method works with the deeper connective tissues of the body to relieve physical and mental congestion and restore mobility.  Benefits include better posture, healthier breathing, and a more resilient body and mind.  Yin Yoga takes a functional approach that identifies a target area each pose is trying to mobilise and teaches you how to vary the shape of the pose to work around restrictions whether they are skeletal or soft tissue. Receive an introduction to the foundational anatomy and philosophy of Yin Yoga and tools to shape your own yoga practice with clarity and purpose.  This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

Saturday July 11 (day): Yin and Yang Yoga for Athletes: Whether you want to lift a heavy weight or sprint up a hill, you need a balance of strength and mobility. You also need some resilience in the face of challenge! In this workshop you will learn both Yin and Yang techniques to strengthen weaker areas of the body, rehabilitate injuries, restore range of motion, and balance your nervous system. A Yin/Yang practice boosts physical and mental clarity so you move with intelligence and ease.  Appropriate for athletes of any level.

Sunday July 12 (day): Yin Yoga for Stress Relief: Life in the big city is full of stimulation like great sport, culture, and coffee to name a few! But the fast pace, noise, and crowds can also assault your senses and over-stimulate your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). When the SNS is chronically over-activated you are vulnerable to a host of problems including decreased memory, bone loss, insomnia, weight gain, depression, and chronic fatigue. Yin Yoga is a balancing practice that stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) that supports organ health, lowers blood pressure, quiets the mind, and allows the body to rest and digest. In this workshop you will learn to relax your body into prop-supported postures while focused on breathing and more subtle dimensions of the practice.

Details and booking information for this weekend are available at MOVE Yoga: http://moveyoga.com.au/yinsessions