The Yin Clinics at Liberty Yoga: September 12-14, 2015

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I am thrilled to be working with Liberty Yoga to offer The Yin Clinics, a weekend of Yin and Yin/Yang workshops.

These four Yin Yoga clinics will focus on four different dimensions of the Yin Yoga Practice, from the more physical to the more subtle. Each clinic includes both theory and practice and is suitable for all levels. Teachers will receive Certificates of Attendance.

To book, please contact Liberty Yoga:

Friday Evening (6-8pm): Dragons Yin and Yang
In Taoist philosophy, the Dragon represents the Water element and Dragon training cultivates a more fluid body and mind. We will begin moving dynamically in the Yang Dragon Sequence, strengthening the connective tissues that stabilise the hip and shoulder joints. Then we will dissolve into quieting stillness of the Yin Dragon, opening the hips and shoulders and dissolving physical and mental congestion.

Saturday Morning (10-12:30pm) : Yin Yoga: The Infant Sequence
The Infant Sequence is a playful introduction to Yin Yoga that begins on the ground and ends standing! Just like the infant, we begin on our backs exploring the movements of the pelvis and legs and then roll onto our belly to mobilise the spine, working gradually to hands and knees and finishing with standing postures. This clinic includes theory, discussion, and a Yin practice.

Saturday Afternoon (2-4:30pm) Golden Seed: Rippling the Spine
Experience the fluid Golden Seed sequence that awakens the spine and stimulates the flow of vital energy, or Qi. Then move into deeper and more subtle dimensions of the body and mind through long held Yin postures. This clinic includes theory, discussion, and a Yin/Yang practice.

Sunday Morning (10-12:30pm): Spring Awakening: Yin for the Liver and Gallbladder
The energy of Spring is expansive and potent! But tension in the body and mind limits our fullest self-expression. Physically, this sequence diminishes tension in the deep interior of the inner legs, pelvis, and abdomen and eases restrictions in the side body including the outer hips and side ribs. Energetically it encourages the flow of Qi through the Liver and Gallbladder meridians so we can experience the renewal of Spring from the inside out.

Sessions are $55/individually or the whole weekend can be purchased for $200