Yin Yoga Autumn Newsletter

Jen Flowing Hair YokeTime flies! (which is my way of saying sorry I didn’t send a Spring Newsletter)  Instead of sitting at my computer writing said newsletter, here’s what I’ve been up to instead. In February, I ran my first movement workshop at a CrossFit gym (the amazing CrossFit Freefall in Seaford) and we played around with efficient and fun ways to mobilize hips and shoulders so these Crossfitters can jump, squat, and lift better.  Later that month I returned to Perth (and one of my favorite studios Beyond Being) to lead Yin Sequencing training.  Then I squeezed in a weekend of education for myself with MovNat.  And by education I mean crawling and leaping and hanging and balancing and carrying and building obstacle courses…you know…standard movement nerd stuff 😉 And just a few weeks ago I finished the final weekend of the 50 Hour Yin TT here in Melbourne.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has completed a Yin training with me this year.  You are now officially part mad scientist.  Just remember to use your powers wisely…

This year I’ve launched a new format that (I hope) allows curious Yin Yogis and yoga teachers of all traditions to learn more about the Yin method.  There are three weekend Modules: Yin Fundamentals, Yin Sequencing, and Yin Yang Sequencing.  Separately, they earn 15 hours of Continuing Education credits, recognized by Yoga Alliance. The three together (plus a final exam) earn a 50 Hour Certification.  Yin Fundamentals lays the foundation (and is required if you have no prior Yin training).  Then you can proceed to either Yin Sequencing or Yin Yang Sequencing.  Yin Yang Sequencing is the new kid on the block.  So what is it, you ask?  Well if Playful and Mindful had a baby, it would be Yin Yang!  This approach to sequencing adapts traditional Sun Salutations to include pushing, pulling, rolling, lunging, crawling, and spiraling movements from dance, martial arts, and primal movement.  Through movement and breath you explore the Taoist Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, and Wood.  You become more alert to how energy travels through your body, whether you are maintaining a steady posture or transitioning fluidly from one movement to the next.  This increases your power and stamina, enhances your mind-body coordination, and balances the Five Elements.  And that feels pretty good! The next Yin Yang sequencing training is at Ohana in November and the dates are on my Events page so you can plan ahead.

So what’s next?   Well, if you missed Yin Fundamentals or Yin Sequencing at Ohana then join us at Yoke Yoga Torquay.  Yin Fundamentals is 7-9 July and Yin Sequencing is 15-17 September and you can find the course descriptions and booking details here at the Yoke Yoga website.  There are some yogis traveling from out of town so you may be able to share accommodation if you don’t live in the area.  As the event draws closer, we can connect everyone registered via email or FB.

I’ll also be back at Ohana Yoga 13-15 October to run the final Yin Fundamentals of 2017.  Bookings are available at Ohana Yoga.

I’m also excited to announce that I’m returning to Adelaide for a weekend of Yin workshops 6-8 October at Adelaide Yoga Flow.  Details are coming soon but expect serpents and science and tigers and chakras.  You’re intrigued, right 🙂

When I run workshops and trainings, I am often asked about where I learn stuff.  Well, I read…kind of a lot.  And my iPhone is crammed with podcasts about politics, and architecture, and ancient myths, and (of course) the human body.  When something really grabs my attention, I try to give it a shout-out on social media.  But I know there’s a lot of stuff that comes at you on social media so here’s a list (in no particular order) of things I’ve read, watched, or listened to in the past few months that have really inspired/intrigued/provoked me.

  • Better Living Through Neurochemistry by James Lee
  • The Trauma of Everyday Life by Mark Epstein
  • The Divided Mind by John E. Sarno
  • Liberated Body (podcast)
  • Science Vs (podcast)
  • Revisionist History (podcast)

Finally, apologies for being a little inconsistent with the Movement Lab posts on social media this past month.  I’ve been struggling with my health in May, including a case of Strep Throat. Getting an infection I haven’t had since I was about nine already made me feel pretty small.  Add in the doctor’s note excusing me from work combined with orders to stay in bed and I really felt like a kid again.  But not in a good way.  In a cranky, “you’re not allowed to go outside and play” kind of a way. Anyway, I’m on the mend and moving again and trying really, really hard not to overdo it.  So, more posture and sequencing ideas coming soon!

Jen Flowing Arms Yoke Yoga