Yin TT Dates for 2018

Hi Yin Yogis!
It’s a new year and I have lots of Yin and Yin Yang trainings ahead.

This year I’ll continue to offer weekend TT modules that you can take at Yoke Yoga. Take as many modules as you like or take all three and complete a written assignment to earn a 50 Hour certificate.

I’ve heard the feedback from yoga teachers that it can be difficult to get covers for weekend classes, plus it makes the training more expensive when you give up the income from those classes. I get it!  So, this year I’m also partnering with Ohana Yoga to offer each Module over two Fridays. For example, in February, you can join me for two fridays (12-6:30pm) and complete Module 1.

I’ve also added a more comprehensive 65 Hour TT option over 3 weekends at Moksha Yoga.

And for those who prefer to just sign up and get it all done at once, I’m offering a non-modular 50 Hour training at MOVE over 4 weekends.

  • To see the dates and locations for all trainings, go to the menu at the top of the page and select “Schedule”. Or use this link: Yin TT Schedule 2018
  • For a detailed breakdown of course content, go to the menu at the top of the page and select “Teacher Training” Or use this link: Yin Teacher Training Info 2018
  • For the TT Reading Lists, select “TT Reading List” from the dropdown menu under “Teacher Training”.  Or use this link: Yin Yoga TT Reading List 2018