Tell the Truth (July 26, 2019)

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” 


I know I’m a little obsessed with this.  I just keep asking.  It’s because I’m stubborn.  But why are you teaching yoga?  Truly? What do you believe that yoga does? And what do you base these beliefs on?  The popularity of a class you teach?  The blessing of a guru you studied with?  The latest scientific study you’ve read?  Your own felt experiences? 

Here’s how some teachers at the forefront of yoga answer this question:

“My yoga is not an exercise class.  It’s not a substitute for the activity they should be doing in their lives… What I’m going to do is help you notice how you feel and how to respond to those feelings better.” – Peter Blackaby

Yoga is an ethical practice…I try to be very explicit.  I’m not interested in what you’re doing but in how it connects what you feel and what you value.  If I can help you make that connection, call me over and we’ll talk.” – Sam Chase

“I don’t have a problem with being specific about a form.  But I don’t care if you do it or like it.  I’m just telling you what the form is.  Forms are useful for bumping up against what our stories are.  And finding out if we can have different stories?” – Amy Matthews

“People come to my intensives with backgrounds in a multiplicity of traditions, methods, and styles of Yoga practice…For many people, the set structures and constraints of idealized forms impedes the process of listening to the “breaking news” of the body.  This breaking news tells us what is happening at all levels of embodiment, that is, physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually and what might be necessary for restoring balance.” – Donna Farhi

These teachers have been teaching for a long time and they are deeply committed to investigating their own motives and methods and sharing what they learn with their students.

That’s them. But where are you? Maybe you’re a brand new teacher taking the first step in this process. Maybe you’re asking this question again for the tenth time. Wherever you are in your teaching journey, my mentorship groups are safe, supportive spaces for personal growth and development so you can identify and communicate your WHY clearly, skilfully, and creatively.

What’s the process? In the next two groups we’ll meet once a month on Fridays or Saturdays (chose the one that fits your schedule). Between meetings you’ll have creative assignments that will have you moving, writing, and developing cues, sequences, and content for blogs and social media. 

When we meet, you’ll share your work and we’ll discuss what’s flowing and where you’re getting stuck

Book one of these upcoming sessions:

Fridays 1-3:30pm on Aug 9, Sept 6, Oct 11, Nov 8 2019

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