There are no rules

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a podcast called “There Are No Rules”. In the podcast, host Em Hehir talks to women about how they navigate the internal and external pressures (or ‘rules’) we inherit being brought up female in the culture and time we live in.

As you can imagine, I was sold on being interviewed as soon as I heard the name.  But more importantly, I was excited to talk to host Em Hehir because through her podcast she does something I discuss in my yoga classes and trainings all the time – she asks really good questions and doesn’t look for one universal right answer. 

Em is interested in the messy, complicated process of identifying and living your values – and that’s what our conversation is all about. Her inquisitiveness and care made the conversation very easy and honest.  I went back to my life long before yoga and opened up about some stuff that I don’t usually discuss publicly. 

If you have the time to listen, get in touch and let me know if anything strikes a chord. These are the kinds of conversations I’d like to have more often, with more people. And I want to know who else feels the same? And how we could join forces with women like Em to make it happen?

To listen to the interview with me on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, go here: There are No Rules: Episode Jennifer Crescenzo: Yoga, Values, Complexity

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