Tell the Truth (July 26, 2019)

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.”  VIRGINIA WOOLF I know I’m a little obsessed with this.  I just keep asking.  It’s because I’m stubborn.  But why are you teaching yoga?  Truly? What do you believe that yoga does? And what do you base these beliefs on?  The popularity of a class you teach?  The blessing of a guru you studied with?  The latest scientific study you’ve read?  Your own felt experiences?  Here’s how some teachers at the forefront of yoga answer this question: “My yoga is not an exercise class. […]

Newsletter #3 (May 2019): So, you want to be a yoga teacher?

Yoga today is a dizzying (and contradictory) landscape. It’s a workout. It’s a spiritual practice. It’s a way to relax and check out. It’s a way to focus and check in. It’s the discipline of advanced postures. It’s not about the postures. It’s all about “safe” alignment. Alignment is bullshit. As an aspiring or current teacher, you are going to go to trainings and workshops led by charismatic, persuasive yogis and hear competing theories and experience radically different approaches to theming and cueing and sequencing. If you stick with teaching you are going to change your mind and change your […]

Newsletter 2, Mar 2019: Have You Climbed Everest?

 I’ve had some incredible mentors who seemed to come along at just the right moments.  One of those was a woman named Jill Godmilow, a provocative, genre-bending documentary filmmaker.  When we met, she’d accepted a job as the head of my film department. She ruled a tiny space we called “the Loft “where wannabe artists like me roamed wearing black, smoking cigarettes, and learning to pitch, write, shoot, and edit.  All scripts had to be approved by Jill prior to production and we’d come to her with BIG ideas.  We wrote scripts about alien invasions, tragic love affairs, or climbing Everest. […]

Newsletter Feb 2019: Should I quit yoga?

I’ve been teaching yoga for 15 years and practicing for nearly 20. Why would I quit now? Well, I’m going to have to take you back. Before yoga, there was my mom. She’s from a quiet, leafy suburb of Boston.  She’s a middle child – wedged between two brothers.  Her mother was smart and observant – but she didn’t speak her mind. She deferred to her husband and sons. My mother wanted to speak. To challenge. So, she went to law school. With her law degree, she went to one of the roughest neighbourhoods in New Jersey and represented the most marginalised […]

Yin TT Dates for 2018

Hi Yin Yogis! It’s a new year and I have lots of Yin and Yin Yang trainings ahead. This year I’ll continue to offer weekend TT modules that you can take at Yoke Yoga. Take as many modules as you like or take all three and complete a written assignment to earn a 50 Hour certificate. I’ve heard the feedback from yoga teachers that it can be difficult to get covers for weekend classes, plus it makes the training more expensive when you give up the income from those classes. I get it!  So, this year I’m also partnering with […]

Yin Training Schedule: Aug to Nov 2017

Have you been thinking about Yin training in 2017?  Me too! I’ve got some trainings scheduled at two beautiful Melbourne-area studios.  If you want to know more, keep reading… Ohana Yoga This cosy, welcoming Port Melbourne studio is hosting 3 Yin trainings from Aug to November. Due to the size of the studio, we can only take 18 students per training so get in quick if you’re keen! Course: One-Day “Yin-tensive” (25 Aug 2017) Tuition: $275 (includes manual and Certificate of Completion) Schedule: 9:30am to 5:30pm Description: For those unable to attend the earlier Fundamentals trainings at Ohana Yoga (Feb 2017) and Yoke Yoga […]

FAQs about Yin Teacher Trainings

I get a lot of questions about the structure of my Yin Teacher Trainings.  So, I thought I’d take the time to answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) here. FAQs Am I required to do a teacher training in order to teach Yin? Legally, you are not required to attend a Yin Teacher Training in order to lead Yin Yoga classes. So, why should I attend a training? The Yin method asks students to step into a more intimate relationship with the postures of yoga.  Students need to understand a bit more about how their bodies work and how stretching […]

Yin Yoga Autumn Newsletter

Time flies! (which is my way of saying sorry I didn’t send a Spring Newsletter)  Instead of sitting at my computer writing said newsletter, here’s what I’ve been up to instead. In February, I ran my first movement workshop at a CrossFit gym (the amazing CrossFit Freefall in Seaford) and we played around with efficient and fun ways to mobilize hips and shoulders so these Crossfitters can jump, squat, and lift better.  Later that month I returned to Perth (and one of my favorite studios Beyond Being) to lead Yin Sequencing training.  Then I squeezed in a weekend of education for myself with MovNat.  And by education […]

Mobility for Athletes: Workshop at Crossfit Freefall

One of the things it took me a long time (and a few injuries) to really grasp is that flexibility and mobility are not the same thing.  Simply put,flexibility is your end range of motion.  Mobility is the range of motion where you can maintain control of your movements.  People define “control” in different ways but I would say control means you understand where you are in space, you understand the forces at play and the direction in which you intend to move yourself (or yourself and an object) you have the ability to slow the movement down or speed it […]

Through her lens, a photographer glimpses the future!

Before I moved to Australia and became a full-time yoga teacher, I had a different life.  I was a documentary filmmaker focused for many years on using the power of media to draw attention to political, economic, and social injustice.  Frequently that work put me in contact with women leading small organizations or grass roots movements with few resources but unwavering commitment to fight for the health and safety of their communities. Often they were motivated by personal experience with violence and exploitation whether it was the brutality of the Taliban in Afghanistan or sex trafficking in Asia or domestic violence in the United States. In order to help […]