Union Yoga is now Power Living Union Street

Union Yoga in South Melbourne has now become a part of the Power Living Australia Yoga (PLAY) family of studios and it has been relaunched as Power Living Union Street.  It’s the same beautiful studio but there are loads of new classes including more Yin (on the schedule it now appears as Power Revive/Yin) and Power Align, where we work with a theme and build towards a “peak pose” or group of poses.  Sometimes we stand on our feet, sometimes we stand on our hands, sometimes we fly, and sometimes we ground.  It’s always an adventure!  So, join me for […]

Class time changes at Grass Roots Yoga

It’s a new year and a new schedule!  At sunny Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda, we’ve added a Yin/Yang class on Tuesdays at 9:30am.  If you’ve got a flexible work schedule, why not give it a try?  It’s the perfect combination of slow flow sequences for strength and clarity and deep yin postures to unwind physical and mental tension.

Yin Yoga Workshop at Ohana on April 28, 2-5pm

Join me on Saturday April 28 at Ohana Yoga for a Yin Yoga workshop.  We will briefly discuss the foundations of Yin Yoga and then enjoy a Yin practice, followed by a guided meditation. Time: 2-5pm.  Cost: $45 dollars. Location: 82 Bridport St. Bookings: jencrescenzo@gmail.com Click the link below to download the flyer and pass it on to anyone who needs a little more Yin in their life!  Yin Yoga Workshop Flyer Places are limited so book today!

New Yin Yoga class starting in April at Ohana Yoga and Wellness

Starting Thursday April 21, I will be offering a Yin Yoga class at Ohana Yoga and Wellness in Albert Park.  Ohana is a lovely center offering yoga, Tibetan singing bowls, healing massage, and more.  It’s conveniently accessed by several tram lines including the 112 and the 96.  The class will run from 10-11am.  For more details, check back here in April or visit Ohana online at www.genakenny.com

Now teaching at Union Yoga in South Melbourne

Come take a class with me at lovely Union Yoga in South Melbourne.  If you want to enjoy a quiet, meditative practice that gently and effectively stresses the connective tissue, cultivating freedom in the hips and spine and  the flow of healing energy through the entire body, join me Wednesday’s at 7am to enjoy Yin Yoga.  If you want to enjoy a creative flow practice that draws inspiration from yoga, dance, and martial arts, join me Sunday’s at 9:30am. For more on Union Yoga, visit www.unionyoga.com.au For more on Yin Yoga, see my blog posts about Yin Yoga and visit: […]

I ♡ Yin Yoga

I describe how studying Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley transformed my yoga practice in an article for Quiet Mind Yoga in Washington D.C. http://www.quietminddc.com/yin.html Like many, I was initially drawn to the most dynamic and complex asana sequences, the most challenging arm balances and inversions, that feeling of exhaustion after multiple chaturangas. If a teacher put me in a pose and then went to adjust another student and left me there in a long hold, I grew resentful. I struggled to sit through meditation and fidgeted in Savasana. But, after several years of practice, things started to change