Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, sometimes you need a little perspective, guidance, and honest feedback to help you find your feet or get you out of a teaching rut.

  • Maybe you're good at imitating others but not quite finding your own voice?
  • Maybe you're repeating the same cues without fresh insights or enthusiasm?
  • Maybe you've got some specific knowledge gaps like how to use props skilfully and creatively?
  • Maybe you're an expert with muscles and joints but you stumble over energetic anatomy like nadis, chakras, and meridians?
  • Maybe you have a real thirst for yoga philosophy but you're not sure how to turn sacred texts into flowing sequences?


In a mentorship with me, I'll give you:

  • a clearer sense of who you are as a teacher and how to confidently communicate that to your students
  • ways to expand and enrich your yoga vocabulary so that you can describe poses more clearly and help your students feel more at home in their bodies
  • ways to cue and sequence for multi-level classes
  • ways to work with students or clients presenting with more specific needs
  • tools for easier and more creative sequencing
  • customised lessons to fill specific knowledge gaps that are holding you back


How can I do all this?

Well, I've been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for over 15. I've taught Flow and Yin styles of yoga in multiple countries and helped build the Yin Yoga community from the ground up across Australia. In addition to writing and delivering multiple Yin Yoga trainings, I've co-written and co-facilitated 200 Hour Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher trainings, and been hired to teach anatomy and philosophy modules for trainings across Melbourne. Most recently I have been the feedback coach for The Yoga Group's 200 Hour TT. I have worked with dancers, martial artists, runners, cyclists, cross-fitters, and climbers. I have helped stressed office workers, trauma survivors, cancer patients, and people managing chronic pain. I've dissected cadavers with Gil Hedley, followed myofascial meridians with Tom Myers, and immersed myself in chakra meditation with Paul and Suzee Grilley. Before I became a full-time yoga teacher I was an Emmy-award winning documentary writer/producer. So, I've got a big toolbox 🙂. More importantly, I really love helping people figure out what truly matters to them and how to express that passion and purpose "in motion."

Yoga Alliance - E-RYT 500 certified Yoga Alliance - Continuing Education Provider

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Here are some examples of what we can explore together:


1. Simplifying the Science

I’ll break down some of the science behind the emerging field of "spatial medicine" and what it all means when you’re teaching yoga or other kinds of mindful movement. You’ll learn how to communicate more clearly with a broader range of clients about strength, flexibility, range of motion, stress, tension, and pain.

2. The Language of Yoga

We’ll break down the role of different kinds of cues and explore when to use what kind of cue. You’ll develop a richer, more descriptive, and more inclusive cueing vocabulary.

3. Telling a Story

Now it’s time to explore beyond set sequences! Consider what you are really trying to communicate through your classes and learn how to organise your postures, refine your cues, and integrate your themes into a class that tells a movement story.


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