I’m a Modern Yogi!

Modern Yogi is a website and social media portal for dialogue about yoga – why do we do it?  what are we discovering?  who is influencing us?  how are we shaping modern yoga?  What makes Modern Yogi unique is that creator Troy Hasler is based in Melbourne and the site features yogis from the Australian Yoga community.  It turns out that when you give Australian teachers and students a great forum to talk about yoga, they have lots of interesting things to say!  But don’t take my word for it, read for yourself : www.modernyogi.com.au Since you are here on my website (and perhaps interested in learning […]

Now teaching at Union Yoga in South Melbourne

Come take a class with me at lovely Union Yoga in South Melbourne.  If you want to enjoy a quiet, meditative practice that gently and effectively stresses the connective tissue, cultivating freedom in the hips and spine and  the flow of healing energy through the entire body, join me Wednesday’s at 7am to enjoy Yin Yoga.  If you want to enjoy a creative flow practice that draws inspiration from yoga, dance, and martial arts, join me Sunday’s at 9:30am. For more on Union Yoga, visit www.unionyoga.com.au For more on Yin Yoga, see my blog posts about Yin Yoga and visit: […]