Untangle Yourself with Chakra Meditation

If you’ve ever tried to untangle your headphone cords, you know that the most difficult part is trying to figure out where the whole tangled mess starts!  If you are distracted or in a hurry, you will pull in all directions, make a few more knots, blame whoever has recently pissed your off for the whole mess, and go back to walking around being half-strangled by hopelessly tangled cords. Meanwhile beneath the protective outer sheath of the cord, the delicate copper wires that ensure the quality of the sound reaching your ears are slowly degenerating.  Of course the alternative to […]

Rise and Shine: Spring Yin Yoga Retreat in Daylesford 21-23 November

Winter is a time to turn inward – gathering energy and insight. But in Spring, we emerge and create anew!  To bring anything meaningful to fruition, we need to channel and direct our energy. Working with the chakra system is a way to source energy from within so that we can move through the world with greater clarity, integrity, and purpose.  That’s why my final Yin Yoga retreat of the year will focus on studying and activating the chakras through yoga, meditation, and time in nature.  Join me at Le Yoga Daylesford 21-23 November. Enjoy Daylesford in the bloom of spring and treat yourself to rejuvenating […]

2013 is off to an amazing start!

2013 is off to an amazing start!  It kicked off with Sarah Powers here in Melbourne for the first time at the lovely Grass Roots yoga in St Kilda.  Not only did we get to host Sarah for a 2-night yin workshop but I also had the privilege of getting to know Sarah and her husband Ty Powers as I helped Grass Roots owner Shannon Barry show them around Melbourne.  Shannon was so inspired by Sarah’s teachings that he’s off to study with her in France in May!  And I’m seriously considering her training in Thailand in November (unless we […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 24

Tuesday December 29, 2009:  Again I sat for meditation in the late evening.  I’d taught a rather large yoga class which was a lot of fun but kind of depleted my energy.  Once home, my husband and I cooked and ate and I was so tempted to just sink down deeper into those couch pillows…mmmm….but I summoned my will and headed for my meditation pillow instead.  I didn’t have high hopes as I sat down and it took a few minutes to settle in.  Almost immediately, my focus shifted to the class I had taught earlier in the evening and […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 21

Saturday December  26, 2009:  I sat for Saturday’s meditation following a Yin Yoga practice and used the bija mantra.  In spite of a calm, quiet house and a calm, quiet body, my mind was in no mood to settle down.  As I chanted the mantras and moved the energy up my spine, I found that I was replaying a conflict I had with someone several months ago.  I was considering if and how I might approach her and whether she would respond.  In my investigation of chakra meditation, I have read that part of the process is purifying each chakra. […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 9

Monday December 14, 2009: Since it’s Week 2 of the challenge, I decided to change a few things to see what effects the changes might produce.  First, I am going to meditate during the day.  Secondly, while I will continue to use chakra meditation techniques, I am using different techniques.  My Monday meditation was about mid-day which is a nice time of day in my home yoga studio since light streams through the window making the room feel bright and airy.  And it’s in strong contrast to last week’s meditations, which were all done in the dark.  I practiced a […]

Meditation Challenge: Day 7

Saturday December 12, 2009: This was another late evening meditation after a long, activity-filled day. But, as I reflected on the meditation the next morning, I realized that it did have a profound effect, just not in the expected way.  I had arrived home late and had to be up early to teach a Yin Yoga workshop.  I was tired and full from a rich meal, shared with a good friend.  Our conversation was enjoyable but intense.  All in all, when I arrived home, I was pretty spent.  Normally, in such a state, I would put on comfy pajamas, sit […]

Meditation Challenge: Day 5

December 10, 2009:  I sat down for meditation in the evening around 8pm.  I decided it would make some sense to continue with the same technique as the previous 4 days, maybe even using the ham sa/so ham approach through to Sunday so that I could get a full week’s observation of the impact of a single technique before switching to a second technique for week two.  It seemed like a vaguely “scientific” approach.  So, I proceeded.  And, in the spirt of accurate reporting, I have to admit I struggled to meditate last night.  Physically, I never quite settled in. […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 4

December 9, 2009: Since I had some difficulty focusing in martial arts when I did my meditation before class, I decided to wait until after class this time.  Wednesday night is sparring class so, needless to say, it is always physically and mentally depleting and after last night’s class, I had some bumps and bruises.  I came home, iced myself, showered, and then sat to meditate.  I decided beforehand to use the same so ham/ham sa chakra meditation technique I had been using (guided by Paul Grilley’s chakra meditation DVD) but to do 2 rounds of each and to add […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 3

December 8, 2009:  Today I repeated the Ham-Sa/So-Ham meditation practice but changed the time of day.  I sat for meditation in the evening, after all my activities were done for the day.  Immediately prior to meditation, I had been out teaching yoga.  I found that I brought that “teacher/observer” quality to my meditation.  So, while I was physically quite relaxed and grounded, mentally I was unfocused.  Instead of just feeling the flow of prana, I was observing it and making mental notes.   I found myself thinking about how I would explain the sensation of the flow of prana to my […]