New Class Schedule!

I’ve always valued stability. But sometimes I get stuck. In the stillness of Yin Yoga I feel what moves within me and understand when it’s time to let go. After several years and some wonderful experiences at Grass Roots Yoga, I am heading in a new direction. You can still find me weekly at Power Living Union St and Ohana Yoga in Albert Park. And I’m excited to announce that on Thursday February 26 I join the team at MOVE Yoga in CBD where I will be offering Yin and Flow classes 4 times a week. I am really inspired […]

More Classes!

Good news for lovers of yin yoga AND flow yoga alike!  From Tuesday May 28th, I’m offering 2 new classes at Yoga Flame in Moonee Ponds – Yin Yoga at 5:30pm (75 minutes) and Vinyasa Flow at 7:30pm (75 minutes). For those of you who like yin and yang together in one practice, I’ve added another Yin/Yang to my schedule Thursdays 6-7pm at Studio Cirq in CBD!   This balanced practice combines dynamic movement to lubricate the joints, promote circulation, and cultivate strength with yin postures to calm the nervous system and ease mental and physical tension

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 14

Saturday December 19, 2009: Again today I meditated immediately following a yoga practice but this time it was a flowing sun salutation practice.  So, when I finished and sat for meditation, my heart rate was up and my body was warm.  My mind felt relatively steady.  I decided to meditate in the style that came naturally in the moment and, after a few minutes, began the ham sa/so ham mantra practice.  As I have described in earlier posts, I sometimes get kind of “stuck” in the ham sa practice when I try to move the energy up my spine.  Sometimes […]