Six Week Yin Yang Yoga Course at Studio Cirq in CBD

Tired of the morning rush?   Ease into your day instead with Yin Yang Yoga.  From Feb 7, join me Friday mornings for a 6-week Yin/Yang Yoga course at Studio Cirq, a boutique laneway yoga studio in CBD. Come learn the soaring Flying Dragon sequence that opens the hips in a creative, circular flow and the earthy Golden Seed Sequence that tones the legs, stretches the spine, and draws chi to the centre of the body.  Together with these awakening fluid sequences, I will teach the core Yin forward folds, backbends, and twists. Yin Yang Yoga is a balancing practice […]

Yoga on the catwalk!

I recently teamed up with Lululemon and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week to teach “Flying Dragon” in a Fashion Week tent in City Square. As trams whizzed past and CBD commuters hurried by (some stopping in their tracks to see what was going on!)  we playfully explored our “inner dragon” in an energetic, flowing sequence that has you raising your tail, unfolding your wings, and flying over the land. As I had just flown back from the U.S. the day before, my dragon was a little jet-lagged.  But, the morning light, the vibrant colours inside the tent, and all the great […]