Last Yin Training of 2014

It’s hard to believe how quickly this year has flown by!  These photos are from the last Yin L2 training of 2014 at Grass Roots Yoga.  In the L2 trainings the students spend more time developing their own sequences so they can integrate what they have learned about myofascial meridians and the pathways of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As part of the training, the students break out into small groups and each one gets a chance to lead the group in a short Yin class.  The designated teacher guides her students through a 15 minute Yin practice and at the end she […]

Yoga from the Yinside Out

What I love about Yin Yoga is that it allows us to consider teaching yoga from the inside (yinside) out. Through postures, we investigate our most deeply held beliefs, shedding what holds us back and making space for new perspectives. Thank you to Kula Yoga for hosting the August Level One Yin training in Melbourne and to all those who attended and contributed. If you missed out on this training (and that makes you sad) book for my upcoming Level One in October at Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda.  Or, if you’re in Western Australia, join me October 3-5 for my first […]

Level Two Yin Yoga Training in May at Grass Roots Yoga

Hi Melbourne Yin Yogis – if you have completed a Level One Yin Training with me and once was just not enough, then come back for more!  My first Level Two training is in May at Grass Roots Yoga. More myofascial meridians, more energetic anatomy, and the flowing Dragon sequences.  It’s a Yin party and you are invited!  Click on the link below for a downloadable PDF with the details. YinYoga TT Level 2 with Jennifer Crescenzo

Another Successful Yin TT…and More to Come!

Thank you so much to all the yin yogis who came to the Level One Yin TT with open hearts and inquisitive minds.  Our time together always seems too short but I look forward to seeing some of you in the Level Two TT.  I have just ordered a Tensegrity teaching model, all-new myofascial meridian posters from Anatomy Trains Edition 3, and footage of fascia from the man himself, Tom Myers.  It’s been great to learn from Tom online via his many webinars and through his book Anatomy Trains.  But, in just a few short weeks, I’ll be sitting in […]

Ring in the New Year with Yin Yoga!

After a short but blissful break in the Macedon Ranges amongst bubbly natural mineral springs, dramatic volcano-carved cliffs, warm sun and good books on the deck of our straw bale holiday home, and the delights of Annie Smithers farm to table cuisine , I’m back in the city and teaching many of my regular classes this week.  I’m also teaching a special New Years Day 4:30pm Yin Yang class at Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda.  I’ll focus on sequences that gently rinse and cleanse just in case you raised your glass to 2014 one too many times!

When we release the fascia, can we free the mind?

I’m finishing 2013 with a Tom Myers Webinar entitled Issues in the Tissues – Releasing Emotional Holdings through Movement and Body Repatterning.  During 5 years of consistent Yin Yoga practice, I have gained some perspective on beliefs I have long held about myself – often expressed in the stories I tell myself and others.  And I love stories!   So, it’s easy for me to get really caught up in them.  This was starkly illustrated for me in my first Yin Yoga teacher training with Paul Grilley.  Although I am a competitive athlete, I have a fairly profound scoliotic curve […]

Flow into your weekend at Grass Roots Yoga in St Kilda

Commencing Friday August 23, I will be offering a Slow Flow class on Fridays 6:30-7:30pm in the new “Studio B” at Grass Roots Yoga.  This lovely new studio space is for the yogi who wants to practice without the intense heat!   This class will start with more alignment cueing and then build to a steady, fluid flow that allows students to connect to the breath and cultivate heat from within!  Flow into the weekend amidst the lush greenery of the studio’s plant wall (my favourite feature!)

2013 kicks off with Sarah Powers in Melbourne!

I got to start 2013 off right with an inspiring workshop led by Sarah Powers.  It was Sarah’s first time in Melbourne and she shared some of the foundations of the Insight Yoga method that she created and teaches internationally.  Insight yoga harnesses the power of both yin and yang yoga postures to examine and train the mind, drawing on insights from Taoist, Buddhist, and yogic teachings.  Yoga’s transformative power comes from its ability to show us who we really are and Sarah spoke eloquently of our journey towards self-awareness being like a path through the forest.   If we were […]

Free Yin Yoga Workshop Sat Nov 24 at Grassroots

The only thing better than a Yin Yoga class is a FREE Yin Yoga class.  Join me Saturday Nov 24 at 11am at Grassroots Yoga in St Kilda for 1.5 hours of free Yin goodness.  We’ll talk connective tissue and then enjoy a Yin practise that will leave your hips and pelvis feeling so free you’ll be doing back flips! To register and reserve your spot, go to Grass Roots Yoga and click the Workshops and Events tab.