Free Yin Yoga Workshop Sat Nov 24 at Grassroots

The only thing better than a Yin Yoga class is a FREE Yin Yoga class.  Join me Saturday Nov 24 at 11am at Grassroots Yoga in St Kilda for 1.5 hours of free Yin goodness.  We’ll talk connective tissue and then enjoy a Yin practise that will leave your hips and pelvis feeling so free you’ll be doing back flips! To register and reserve your spot, go to Grass Roots Yoga and click the Workshops and Events tab.

I ♡ Yin Yoga

I describe how studying Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley transformed my yoga practice in an article for Quiet Mind Yoga in Washington D.C. Like many, I was initially drawn to the most dynamic and complex asana sequences, the most challenging arm balances and inversions, that feeling of exhaustion after multiple chaturangas. If a teacher put me in a pose and then went to adjust another student and left me there in a long hold, I grew resentful. I struggled to sit through meditation and fidgeted in Savasana. But, after several years of practice, things started to change