Yin Yoga in the Land of Medicine Buddha

In August 0f 2009, I traveled to the Land of Medicine Buddha in California to spend two weeks studying the anatomical and philosophical foundations of Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley, leading teachers of Yin Yoga.  The Land of Medicine Buddha is a magical place with red prayer wheels set amidst the tall trunks of redwood trees, stone buddhas gazing serenely from small herb gardens, and a gracious staff that seems to perform every task as an offering. But what made the experience so memorable was the wisdom, generosity, and humor of Paul and Suzee as they led 30 […]

Sit still? For how long?

I have practiced yoga for nearly a decade now (yikes!) and taught yoga for almost 6 years.   Initially, when I started practicing yoga, I simply wasn’t that interested in meditation.  Sweaty vinyasa flow was more my thing.  Later, my curiosity was piqued by meditation and its reported benefits but I couldn’t seem to get my “monkey mind” to settle down for 5 minutes, let alone the 20-30 that are often considered a baseline for deeper meditation practices.  At my first yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Institute in 2004, we had a required 30-minute meditation practice at 6am and 8pm […]

I ♡ Yin Yoga

I describe how studying Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley transformed my yoga practice in an article for Quiet Mind Yoga in Washington D.C. http://www.quietminddc.com/yin.html Like many, I was initially drawn to the most dynamic and complex asana sequences, the most challenging arm balances and inversions, that feeling of exhaustion after multiple chaturangas. If a teacher put me in a pose and then went to adjust another student and left me there in a long hold, I grew resentful. I struggled to sit through meditation and fidgeted in Savasana. But, after several years of practice, things started to change