Reflections on 2011

As 2011 drew to a close, I had some time to pause and consider what an amazing and eventful year it has been!  My husband and I arrived in Melbourne in October of 2010 so, 2011 was my first full year living here. Moving to Australia from the U.S. was a massive change for me.  I not only changed continents, I changed careers.  Although I sometimes miss my “former life” as a documentary filmmaker, I have really enjoyed channeling all that passion and creative energy into teaching yoga. A better work/life balance here in Melbourne has allowed me to slow […]

Photo Shoot with Lululemon

As an ambassador for Lululemon’s Bourke St. store in Melbourne CBD, I got to pick a favourite Melbourne location for a photo shoot.  I chose the arid gardens at the Royal Botanic Gardens because I love the colours and textures.  With the help of the great Bourke St team, I got to wear some fabulous new colours myself as I posed among cacti, agave, and other trees and flowers in full spring bloom!  Thanks to Geoff from Lulu and the photographer Chris for making it such a great shoot, even while balancing one-legged on a tall rock, surrounded by cacti […]

Yoga on the catwalk!

I recently teamed up with Lululemon and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week to teach “Flying Dragon” in a Fashion Week tent in City Square. As trams whizzed past and CBD commuters hurried by (some stopping in their tracks to see what was going on!)  we playfully explored our “inner dragon” in an energetic, flowing sequence that has you raising your tail, unfolding your wings, and flying over the land. As I had just flown back from the U.S. the day before, my dragon was a little jet-lagged.  But, the morning light, the vibrant colours inside the tent, and all the great […]