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As the brilliant dancer and choreographer Martha Graham said, “Movement never lies.  It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it.” In Melbourne spring, the weather can be all over the place and I feel my own internal barometric pressure rising and falling like crazy!  One minute I’m wildly enthusiastic.  The next I’m flat.  One day I move fluidly and joyfully through my yoga practice, and the next everything feels like effort and struggle.  If the way we move does reflect our inner state, then maybe the way we move can also […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Drumroll please…Day 30!!!

Monday January 4, 2010:   In yoga, we babble on a lot about the journey rather than the destination.  So, it is perhaps incredibly appropriate that when I sat for my mediation on Monday, I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had, in fact, reached my goal of 30 straight days of meditation!  Colors did not explode before my eyes.  Light beams did not shoot from my belly.  The universe did not swallow me whole.  There’s no Hollywood ending to this meditation story.  In fact, I hope this 30 days isn’t really an ending at all but rather […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 29

Sunday January 3, 2010:  Today we drove home from Luray so I was back in my little home yoga studio for meditation.  I was glad to be back in my own spot but I had some trouble settling in at first.  I decided to work with the ham sa mantra and started working my way up the chakras but when I got to the heart chakra, my heart suddenly felt as if it were beating wildly.  It was similar to what happens to me when I’m at home alone, maybe reading quietly, and I think I hear a strange noise. […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 28

Saturday January 2, 2010:  So this was our last night at the vacation rental in Luray.  Some time that morning, as the wind howled outside, we lost our heat.  That set our teeth chattering inside!  Fortunately, Luray Caverns is nearby and the caves are a constant 54 degrees (which was better than we could say for the house!)  So, we went to warm up there and to marvel at  stalagmites, stalactites, flows and other cave wonders. There are a lot of really stunning formations to see in the caverns but one phenomenon that captured my attention for quite a while […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 27

Friday January 1, 2010:  So, my meditation streak has officially survived into 2010!  It was not easy as I was away at a vacation rental with friends and there were books and games and bottles of wine and the “cadillac” of hot tubs (this thing had room for 16 with a variety of lights and jets and audio entertainment).  On Friday evening, several friends and I had gone into the hot tub but no one can last in hot, bubbling water longer than I can and my friends left and went inside.  So, it was just me alone with the […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 26

Thursday December 31, 2009:  So, as I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve been away at a vacation rental near Luray to welcome in 2010 and we had no internet access.  I had assumed this would be the case so I just made some daily notes about each meditation and I’m catching up on posts now.  Although I did a yoga practice in the morning (with a lovely view of the mountains) I did not opt to meditate then.  Instead I waited until early evening.  At first I was kind of kicking myself about this decision because the house was […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 25

Wednesday December 30, 2009:  On Wednesday, we left for 4 days at a vacation home rental nestled in the mountains near Luray, VA.   There was no internet access so I have not been able to post about my meditations since my last post on Wednesday morning.  You would think a vacation home away from the city with no internet would be the perfect place to meditate.  But you would only be right if 1) said home did not have paper thin walls (it did)  2)  several of your close friends were not there with you (they were) 3)  there […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 24

Tuesday December 29, 2009:  Again I sat for meditation in the late evening.  I’d taught a rather large yoga class which was a lot of fun but kind of depleted my energy.  Once home, my husband and I cooked and ate and I was so tempted to just sink down deeper into those couch pillows…mmmm….but I summoned my will and headed for my meditation pillow instead.  I didn’t have high hopes as I sat down and it took a few minutes to settle in.  Almost immediately, my focus shifted to the class I had taught earlier in the evening and […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 23

Monday December 28, 2009: I sat for meditation in the late evening. When I sat down and settled in, something in me resisted the idea of jumping right to a specific chakra meditation technique or mantra.  So, I just sat.  Without forcing or guiding my energy in any way, I could feel it begin to radiate upwards.  It felt like it was traveling up the front of my body and spilling out like a fountain at the crown of my head.  After a while, I felt a shift and the energy seemed to be concentrated at my heart center.  Again, […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 22

Sunday December 27, 2009:  I was looking forward to a mellow Sunday.  I taught yoga mid-day, had a post-class coffee with a few friends, and then headed back home for a break before teaching a second yoga class.  My plan was to meditate during that break.  Plans changed when I was involved in a minor car accident on the way home.  Neither myself or the other driver were physically harmed but both cars sustained damage and myself and the other driver had differing accounts of what caused the accident.  We spoke briefly and pretty calmly, under the circumstances, but it […]