30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 21

Saturday December  26, 2009:  I sat for Saturday’s meditation following a Yin Yoga practice and used the bija mantra.  In spite of a calm, quiet house and a calm, quiet body, my mind was in no mood to settle down.  As I chanted the mantras and moved the energy up my spine, I found that I was replaying a conflict I had with someone several months ago.  I was considering if and how I might approach her and whether she would respond.  In my investigation of chakra meditation, I have read that part of the process is purifying each chakra. […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 18

Wednesday December 23, 2009:  I think I’m now in the thick of the “challenge” part of the meditation challenge.  When I decided to meditate for 30 straight days including Christmas and New Year’s, I knew it was going to be difficult.  I knew that as we started cooking for 16 guests on December 23 and prepared to host those guests on December 24th, it was going to get harder to say, “Hey, I know there are 8 leeks and 6 onions and 4 heads of cauliflower and 2 butternut squashes to be chopped and some sushi-grade tuna to be located […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 17

Tuesday December 22, 2009:   I”m from a southern italian family and we celebrate the birth of Jesus with a big fish dinner on  the eve of his birth.  My husband grew up in India and his family is Hindu so no Jesus and no fish!  This year is the first year my husband and I are hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house with his family and mine plus friends.  We have designed a menu that honors both vegetarians and non while adhering to the italian tradition (superstition?) that there must be an odd number of fishes.  His family […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 15

Sunday December 20, 2009:  So, as of yesterday, I am halfway through the challenge!   I had the pleasure of meditating yesterday at what I’ve realized is the perfect time to be in my home yoga studio.  Right around 1pm or so, the sun shines through the single window in the room and right on to my yoga mat.  Outside my backyard is blanketed with about two feet of snow, dumped by a mighty winter storm.   But, I sat in that beam of light and meditated with the sun warming my face.  I chanted the Bija mantra, moving the […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 14

Saturday December 19, 2009: Again today I meditated immediately following a yoga practice but this time it was a flowing sun salutation practice.  So, when I finished and sat for meditation, my heart rate was up and my body was warm.  My mind felt relatively steady.  I decided to meditate in the style that came naturally in the moment and, after a few minutes, began the ham sa/so ham mantra practice.  As I have described in earlier posts, I sometimes get kind of “stuck” in the ham sa practice when I try to move the energy up my spine.  Sometimes […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 12

Thursday December 18, 2009:  I have to admit that yesterday I failed to make my daily meditation enough of a priority.  As a result, I ended up meditating after seeing a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Kennedy Center and a long dinner over a bottle of wine with my mother and my husband. Although our home was not particularly religious, my mother loved classical music and I grew up listening to her play the Messiah on our record player during the holidays.  Even as a child, for reasons I cannot really explain, it resonated with me.  But, that did […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 11

Wednesday December 16, 2009:   This is the first time I’ve actually posted the same day as I meditated.  My usual process is to mediate and then record my experience the following day.  The “rule” that I established for the challenge is that I could not wait more than one day to record the experience because I think it becomes harder to recall details the more time passes. Today I decided to meditate as soon as I woke up, thinking my mind might be more empty.  But, since the whole day was ahead of me  I found that as I […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 10

Tuesday December 15, 2009: Okay, so, in yoga they say “adapt, adjust, and accommodate”, right?  Well, somehow the day got away from me and I found myself “adjusting” my meditation schedule to the evening once again.  I practiced 2 rounds of the bija mantra, chanting out loud both rounds.  I hate to go all Yoda, but I did notice that the force was not as strong as the previous meditation.  That said, I experienced some similarities to the previous day’s meditation.  Again, energy seemed to radiate from a point between my shoulder blades.  So, it felt sort of like wings. […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 9

Monday December 14, 2009: Since it’s Week 2 of the challenge, I decided to change a few things to see what effects the changes might produce.  First, I am going to meditate during the day.  Secondly, while I will continue to use chakra meditation techniques, I am using different techniques.  My Monday meditation was about mid-day which is a nice time of day in my home yoga studio since light streams through the window making the room feel bright and airy.  And it’s in strong contrast to last week’s meditations, which were all done in the dark.  I practiced a […]

Meditation Challenge: Day 7

Saturday December 12, 2009: This was another late evening meditation after a long, activity-filled day. But, as I reflected on the meditation the next morning, I realized that it did have a profound effect, just not in the expected way.  I had arrived home late and had to be up early to teach a Yin Yoga workshop.  I was tired and full from a rich meal, shared with a good friend.  Our conversation was enjoyable but intense.  All in all, when I arrived home, I was pretty spent.  Normally, in such a state, I would put on comfy pajamas, sit […]