Anatomy Training for People Who Don’t Like Anatomy (Yet) !

This year Movement by Design founder Luke Bryan and I have partnered to create and facilitate a new kind of anatomy training for yoga teachers.  Rather than asking teachers to memorize muscle origins and insertions or scripted alignment cues, we challenge teachers to think critically about what good movement means and how to achieve it.  We focus on teaching movement principles that hold true whether you are extending into a backbend or diving under an olympic lift.   So how did an Olympic Lifting coach and a yoga teacher meet and decide to develop training together in the first place?  Well, funny […]

Yin Yoga Summer Newsletter

Hello Yin Yogis! This is the time of year when I schedule next year, which is a little bit stressful and a little bit exciting all at the same time. So, I’m taking the opportunity to share the details of my final events of 2015 and to give you a preview of some of the highlights of 2016!   Class Schedule Changes: I have been with Ohana Yoga for over four years and I’ve watched this beautiful yoga community grow and then outgrow its cosy space in Albert Park.  So, Ohana is moving to Bay St in Port Melbourne.  The […]

Our First Graduating Class – 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Over a year ago Ambika Chadwick approached me with the idea to create a 200 Hour, Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga Teacher training for aspiring Melbourne yoga teachers. We agreed that we did not want to teach a set sequence or demand allegiance to a particular yoga tribe.  Instead, we wanted to focus on the art of teaching. Like any teacher training, we would cover the anatomy and philosophy of yoga.  But we would also challenge students to consider what they could offer yoga – what would make their teaching potent and authentic? In late July 2014, we launched our first 200 […]