Big fan of new Pranamaya Studio online courses

This is a shout-out to Pranamaya, who produce and distribute high quality yoga DVD’s ( Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, and Jill Miller’s among others) and are now offering online courses. You go to the website, create an account, and buy a class or workshop from the instructor of your choice.  You can instantly stream the video you have purchased.  And it goes into your account so you can log in anytime and stream any of your courses an unlimited number of times.  Anywhere you have an internet connection, you have an instructor at your disposal.  Right now the offerings […]

I ♡ Yin Yoga

I describe how studying Yin Yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley transformed my yoga practice in an article for Quiet Mind Yoga in Washington D.C. Like many, I was initially drawn to the most dynamic and complex asana sequences, the most challenging arm balances and inversions, that feeling of exhaustion after multiple chaturangas. If a teacher put me in a pose and then went to adjust another student and left me there in a long hold, I grew resentful. I struggled to sit through meditation and fidgeted in Savasana. But, after several years of practice, things started to change

What the heck is Yin Yoga?

In case you’ve been wondering what the heck this Yin Yoga stuff is, this article offers a good, clear introduction to the philosophy and practice of Yin Yoga.  It’s written by one of Yin Yoga’s founders, Paul Grilley who I had the chance to study with this summer. There are two principles that differentiate yin practice from more yang approaches to yoga: holding poses for at least several minutes and stretching the connective tissue around a joint. Read it here: