Be fabulous in February at Ohana Yoga in Albert Park!

Join us at Ohana Yoga in being Fabulous in February!  This 29-day challenge combines yoga, meditation, nature appreciation, mindful eating, and more.  Commit to the challenge and pay just $120.00 for unlimited yoga and meditation classes at Ohana for all of February.  Visit the website for more details and register for the challenge online or in-studio today! Ohana website

Reflections on 2011

As 2011 drew to a close, I had some time to pause and consider what an amazing and eventful year it has been!  My husband and I arrived in Melbourne in October of 2010 so, 2011 was my first full year living here. Moving to Australia from the U.S. was a massive change for me.  I not only changed continents, I changed careers.  Although I sometimes miss my “former life” as a documentary filmmaker, I have really enjoyed channeling all that passion and creative energy into teaching yoga. A better work/life balance here in Melbourne has allowed me to slow […]