What can we learn about Italian family dinner from Chinese Five Element Theory?

Growing up in an Italian family, the dinner table was the centre of all things. We laughed, argued, and bonded over meals- digesting the days events and connecting with one another. Viewed through the lens of Chinese Five Element Theory, this Italian way of life makes perfect sense.  The Spleen/Stomach network governs assimilation and digestion on all levels – whether it’s food or ideas – and supports the harmonious distribution of energy to support the community of the body.  The Spleen network is associated with the Earth element and Earth types are great at nourishing others and maintaining harmony like […]

A Winter Weekend in Daylesford

Today I came home to find my bathroom window sitting in my bathtub.  Also, the wind now whipping through the bathroom had picked up the toilet paper roll and toilet-papered the bathroom.  Terrific.  Need an escape from the winter blues?  Picture Yin Yoga, warm mineral baths, and open fires in Daylesford.  Click on the flyer above for details and contact Adrian Thia at Le Yoga Daylesford for bookings.  It’s an intimate Yin retreat for 10 only so book early to avoid disappointment.

Yin Retreat in Glorious Daylesford

Greetings! I’m just back from an inspiring Yin/Yang training with Sarah Powers.  Over eight days, we studied Yin and Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.  I have some wonderful new methods and perspectives to share and this upcoming Yin Retreat in Daylesford is an opportunity to learn more about how yoga influences both the physical and energetic body and how you can incorporate mindfulness into both your Yin and Yang yoga practices. Click on the flyer above for more details and visit the Le Yoga Daylesford website for more information and bookings.  Contact retreat coordinator and Le Yoga owner Adrian with […]