New Classes at Studio Cirq in Melbourne CBD!

So, May is proving to be an exciting month for me! I’m teaching free lunchtime classes at Lululemon on Bourke St for the entire month, offering a Yin Class at Ohana Yoga in Albert Park, and offering new flow classes at Studio Cirq in the CBD. Look for a lunchtime flow at Studio Cirq starting May 11 and an evening flow at Cirq starting May 24. For more information about Studio Cirq, click here:

Now teaching at Union Yoga in South Melbourne

Come take a class with me at lovely Union Yoga in South Melbourne.  If you want to enjoy a quiet, meditative practice that gently and effectively stresses the connective tissue, cultivating freedom in the hips and spine and  the flow of healing energy through the entire body, join me Wednesday’s at 7am to enjoy Yin Yoga.  If you want to enjoy a creative flow practice that draws inspiration from yoga, dance, and martial arts, join me Sunday’s at 9:30am. For more on Union Yoga, visit For more on Yin Yoga, see my blog posts about Yin Yoga and visit: […]

New Light

As the end of 2010 approached, I decided to attend a 5-day, “Astrology for Yoga” Intensive with Andrew Mournehis. Classes began each day at 6:30 am and since the studio is about a 20 minute walk from my apartment, that meant rising with the sun at around 5:30. I have actually always really liked rising early (even though I don’t always remember that when I am summoning the will to get out of bed!). But I love the light at daybreak. And our apartment has floor to ceiling windows that look out over the city and the bay so I […]

I'm woman 214…

My talented and amazing friend Andrea Leoncavallo, a freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker in Portland, Oregon recently photographed me for her yearlong series “She Inspires 365” in which she challenged herself to create 365 portraits of women which would be revealed on her blog, one each day. Andrea describes the project as “a space for recognizing the natural brilliance of women” so  I was really honored to become woman 214! Andrea and I met many years ago when she joined the staff of Video/Action, a not-for-profit production company in Washington D.C. dedicated to telling the stories of those whose […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Drumroll please…Day 30!!!

Monday January 4, 2010:   In yoga, we babble on a lot about the journey rather than the destination.  So, it is perhaps incredibly appropriate that when I sat for my mediation on Monday, I was completely oblivious to the fact that I had, in fact, reached my goal of 30 straight days of meditation!  Colors did not explode before my eyes.  Light beams did not shoot from my belly.  The universe did not swallow me whole.  There’s no Hollywood ending to this meditation story.  In fact, I hope this 30 days isn’t really an ending at all but rather […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 28

Saturday January 2, 2010:  So this was our last night at the vacation rental in Luray.  Some time that morning, as the wind howled outside, we lost our heat.  That set our teeth chattering inside!  Fortunately, Luray Caverns is nearby and the caves are a constant 54 degrees (which was better than we could say for the house!)  So, we went to warm up there and to marvel at  stalagmites, stalactites, flows and other cave wonders. There are a lot of really stunning formations to see in the caverns but one phenomenon that captured my attention for quite a while […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 24

Tuesday December 29, 2009:  Again I sat for meditation in the late evening.  I’d taught a rather large yoga class which was a lot of fun but kind of depleted my energy.  Once home, my husband and I cooked and ate and I was so tempted to just sink down deeper into those couch pillows…mmmm….but I summoned my will and headed for my meditation pillow instead.  I didn’t have high hopes as I sat down and it took a few minutes to settle in.  Almost immediately, my focus shifted to the class I had taught earlier in the evening and […]

30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 23

Monday December 28, 2009: I sat for meditation in the late evening. When I sat down and settled in, something in me resisted the idea of jumping right to a specific chakra meditation technique or mantra.  So, I just sat.  Without forcing or guiding my energy in any way, I could feel it begin to radiate upwards.  It felt like it was traveling up the front of my body and spilling out like a fountain at the crown of my head.  After a while, I felt a shift and the energy seemed to be concentrated at my heart center.  Again, […]